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My Zine 

My Zine is this year’s summer reading and creativity activity for children and young people aged 10-16. 


It runs from Saturday 16th July - Saturday 3rd September.

Young people participate in My Zine by reading at least two books and creating their own Zine using inspiration from books they have read. A Zine is something created by a ‘fan’, an enthusiast, and is completely individual to the person who makes it. This is how it works.

When young people come into join they need to:

  • Fill in a joining form (available from library staff) and hand it in at the Welcome Desk.
  • They are then given their My Zine activity sheet
This is what to do:
  • Step 1 – Choose and read 2 books. Pick 1 book and…
  • Step 2 – Hack* that Book to create a Zine!
  • Step 3 – Share, share, share it with Library staff, friends and family and on the Blog at at

NB *Hack means to take the bits you loved and re-imagine them as a picture, montage, collage, poem, book review, character review, comic strip, new dialogue or whatever art form your imagination suggests.


My Zine is completed when you have read at least two books; completed your Zine and shown it to staff at the library. You have then earned your certificate and Eco post it booklet. Hopefully you will also share your work on the blog.

  • When you have completed your Zine you should bring it back to the library to show it to staff.
  • You will be presented with your certificate and Eco post it notes.
  • It would be great if you can photograph or scan your artwork and upload it to the My Zine blog: although this is not obligatory.
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Page last updated: 27/09/2016