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Tables and ChairsĀ Licence

Many businesses like to offer an outdoor seating area for their customers to consume food and drink. These may include cafes, bars and restaurants.

If the tables and chairs are placed on the public pavement then the business will need a licence.

Once you have applied your application will have a 28 day consultation period. In this time your application will be sent to various authorities inside and outside the council for comments. Anyone else who may be affected by the application will also be consulted, most often neighbouring premises.

Fees and charges

There will be non-refundable fee for admin and consultation costs, which needs to be paid in advance. Applications for variations have an admin fee of £50 plus £30 per chair.

The Application Annual Licensing Fee fees are as follows:

  • 1 table £200.00 
  • 2 tables £400.00 
  • 3 tables £600.00
  • 4 tables £800.00
  • 5 tables £1000.00
  • 6 tables £1,200.00
  • 7 tables £1,400.00
  • 8 tables £1,600.00
  • 9 tables £1,800.00
  • 10+ tables £2,000.00

Please note that each table can only have up to 4 chairs included in the fee.

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