Sojourns - Way Markers Home & Away

16th November 2017 - 12th December 2017 - Every day
The event will be held in The Forum, Elmer Square, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1NE, and is Free Admission to attend.

Discover a varied photography exhibition of special views with personal memories of the exhibitors travels from home and away.

Malcolm has always had a keen interest in photography, but since taking early retirement from teaching has been involved with photography for about 10 years now. Malcolm is mostly self-taught but has listened to, learnt from and picked up tips from fellow photographers.

 “I like to take photographs mostly of the natural world but whatever I do I try to look at things form different/ unusual perspectives. I was influenced in my work by David Hockney in his Bigger Picture Exhibition. I try to use my photography as the base from which to create images which I can develop more artistically.”

The visitor will gain an insight into Malcolm Browns travels and life “…Firstly enjoyment on viewing my images from places far and wide and hopefully appreciating what I am trying to achieve by presenting images from different perspectives.”

For more information please visit The Forum website.