Childcare (Disqualifications) Regulations 2009

Childcare Disqualification Regulations – Guidance for Schools

The DfE has issued supplementary advice to its “Keeping Children Safe in Education” statutory guidance. This advice details a requirement for childcare disqualification checks to be carried out on relevant staff working in schools and academies. These checks arise from the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009 which prohibit anyone who is disqualified themselves under the Regulations, or who lives in the same household as a disqualified person, from working in a relevant setting, including in schools which have pupils under the age of 8, or in childcare facilities or before or after school clubs etc. on the school site.

There is therefore now a requirement to check existing staff and short listed applicants.

Southend LSCB has drawn up guidance which is on their web page. 

HR Services have prepared an advice note on HR issues arising from the Regulations and included the LSCB guidance, a Word version of the Regulations (which lists applicable convictions/cautions), and a Model Note for Staff, as appendices. 

The HR advice note, appendices and the two DfE documents are posted on SLN.

All schools are asked to check whether the Regulations apply to staff on their school site and, if they do, to take action to comply with the requirements:

Page last updated: 19/06/2017