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Full Official Local Authority Search submitted directly to Southend Local Land Charges comprising forms LLC1, CON29'R' and CON29'O'.

All search applications, regardless of the method of delivery, will be given the same priority. Emailed searches will be processed in the same way as postal, DX or hand delivered search requests and the same rules regarding cancellation will apply i.e. once payment has been taken and the search has been entered onto the system, it cannot be cancelled and no refunds will be issued.

All search applications will be processed in chronological order as far as is possible. However, some searches will require more extensive investigation and additional checks so there may be some occasions when a search will take longer to return than others.

Searches which are delivered in batches, i.e several applications in one envelope or several applications submitted on one email, will be processed individually and it should not be expected that a number of search applications which were submitted together will be returned together.

Turnaround times are for guidance only and cannot be guaranteed. They are based on the processing times for basic search applications only, i.e. the LLC1 and CON29'R'. It will take longer to process search applications which include any CON29'O' questions.

As stated above, there are several methods which can be used to submit a local authority search application:

  • Submit LLCI and CON29 forms together or separately with plan and cheque via post or DX (please make cheques payable to Southend Borough Council ).
  • Submit an email request for a local search using the downloadable form. The applicant will be contacted for payment to be made by credit/debit card and the result when ready, will be emailed back to the email address provided on the request form.
  • Search applications can be hand delivered to the Contact Centre at the Civic Centre offices of Southend on Sea Borough Council on Victoria Avenue.


How to submit an application to us:

All search requests, regardless of delivery method, must include an up to date OS location plan at a scale of 1:1250 with the property clearly outlined in red. The correct fee must be enclosed (except for those submitted via email) see table below.

Fees Table:

                                                                                          Fee        Vat        Total

CON29’R’ only                                                                  £70        £14        £84
CON29’R’ and LLC1                                                         £105      £14        £119
Extra Parcel Fee (standard search)                                  £15        £2          £17
Con29 ‘O’ Questions (each)                                             £15        £3          £18
Extra Parcel Fee (LLC1 only)                                           £5          None      £5
Extra Parcel Fee (Con29 only)                                         £10        £2          £12

Important Notes

All search requests hand delivered to the Contact Centre will be entered into the Council's postal handling process which could result in a possible delay in being delivered to the Local Land Charges Team. Turnaround times will only begin from the date and time that the search has been accepted and validated by the Local Land Charges Team.

Emailed search applications must be paid for prior to processing. Once the application has been confirmed as valid by the Local Land Charges Team the applicant will be telephoned for credit/debit card payment (there will be a handling charge for credit card payments).

The emailed application form must include a direct dial telephone number of the person who holds the credit card and a maximum of two attempts will be made by the Local Land Charges Team to obtain payment. If payment cannot be obtained an email will be sent rejecting the search and it will not be processed. Only one email receipt will be provided for each credit/debit card transaction, regardless of the number of searches.

Emailed searches will only be returned to the email address provided on the application form.

Download the SOS Email request Form

GLOSSARY OF TERMS LLC1 - Official Certificate of Search - This is a copyrighted document which is used to show all entries which are binding on the property and registered as part of the Local Land Charges Register. This form is completed, signed and dated by the appropriate officer of the Council and is the only official certificate of search available. The general public or other search providers although able to obtain the information, are not able to provide an official signature on this form.

CON29'R' - CON29 Required - This form was created in the days of HIPS regulations and was used to provide a standard format for all questions that were required to be answered to comply with those regulations. HIPs regulations have now been rescinded but the standard form for local search purposes has remained.

CON29'O' - CON29 Optional - This is the form which provides the option for applicants to ask further questions regarding information which may affect the property. Each question can be asked separately and there is a charge per question.

Page last updated: 29/09/2017