Animal Feed Licensing

For assistance in understanding the legal requirements for making pet foods at home, including the need for registration / approval please click here  

If you or your business carries out any of the following activities, then it is likely that you need to apply for an animal feed licence.

  • Manufacture of pet foods or treats
  • Manufacturing animal feeds
  • Marketing animal feeds
  • Importing animal feeds
  • Storing animal feeds
  • Transporting animal feeds and grain
  • Selling co-products of the food industry as feeds
  • Feeding food-producing animals
  • Growing crops to be used as animal feeds

You do not need to register for;

  • Animals kept for private domestic consumption
  • Animals not kept for food production
  • Private domestic production of feed for either of the above
  • The retailing of pet food

You  can download an application to register / approve premises here.  

Page last updated: 16/07/2018