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There is a range of options open to you if you choose to dedicate a memorial in memory of a loved one, both in the cemetery and at the crematorium, please call Bereavement Services on 01702 603908 or email to discuss your requirements.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is the only permanent form of memorial and is kept in the Memorial Chapel.

It gives you the chance to create a very personal commemoration using your own choice of words and a hand-painted emblem or motif can be added next to the 5 or 8 line inscription. Lines are inscribed in black ink and the initial letter of the surname illuminated in gold.

The Book has several volumes which are displayed in protective glass display cabinets. You can see the entries without appointment yearly on the anniversary date of death. If you would like to set another date or anniversary, you can arrange this by an appointment.

Inscriptions usually mark the anniversary of death, but you can choose any other date that is meaningful.

You can display cut flowers and decorative plants for anniversaries in the chapel and you can get vases and water from the Flower Room at the far end of the chapel. You can attach personal cards to the flowers. Artificial flowers and private vases/containers are not allowed.

Miniature Books and Remembrance Cards

You can also get hand written copies of the original inscription as it appears in the book in a Miniature Book of Remembrance or on a Memorial Card. There is a choice of designs and examples which can be seen at the crematorium office. You can order as many copies as you wish at any time.

Memorial Panels

Each panel is around 10 inches (25cm) by 2 inches (5cm) and is covered in rich blue morocco leather. You can inscribe your message of up to 60 characters in gold leaf on the panel. The panels are shown in the Memorial Chapel for 5 or 10 years. After that you can then renew the lease for further periods of 5 years.

Roses or Shrubs with Plaque

There are a limited number of pre-planted roses and shrubs in the Garden of Remembrance that can be dedicated with a cast bronze plaque. The plaques are shown for 5 or 10 years initially, and can then be renewed for further periods of 5 years.

Pergola Wall Tablets

A double pergola links the crematorium chapels with the sunken rose garden. Each pergola has wall units which show memorial tablets of Westmorland green slate and also troughs for anniversary flowers.

The tablets are around 11 inches (28cm) by 2 inches (5cm) and can be incised gilded lettering of up to 60 characters. The tablets are shown for 5 or 10 years and can be renewed for further 5 year periods.

Memorial Seats

You can buy Memorial seats for the Sutton Road Cemetery. For more information please contact the cemetery and crematorium office.

Other Types of Donated Items

You can also donate seats and trees around the Borough in parks, on the pier and on sponsored roundabouts. For more information please visit our Donated Seats and Trees webpage.

Leaves of Life

Leaves of Life is a memorial at Southend Crematorium which allows you to dedicate an engraved leaf of gold or bronze and display it on our Leaves of Life tree. The leaf can include the name of your loved one and their date of birth and death.

You can visit the memorial tree any time the crematorium is open as it is situated between the Chapel and Gardens of Remembrance.

Your dedicated leaf will be displayed on the tree for 12 months with a renewable reduced fee for a subsequent year. For more information please visit the Leaves of Life website.

Page last updated: 01/04/2016