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Wheeled Sports Consultation (Skate Park)

Outdoor sports facilities are essential for people of all ages and mobility levels to get active and engage in physical activity. Wheeled sports including skateboarding, BMX and scooter tricks are popular with people of varying ages within the borough. Free to use council managed facilities are available throughout the town. However, there are currently no wheeled sports facilities in the central Southend area.

In the central Southend area there are no obvious locations to site such a facility due to the limited public open space available but three locations have been identified as possible sites for such a facility and we are seeking the views of potential users, residents and business on these sites.

The sites identified are:

  • Location A - Old Warrior Square Swim Centre Site, situated east of the High Street
  • Location B - London Road North Car Park, situated south west of Victoria Gateway
  • Location C - Plaza side of Civic Centre, situated south of the Civic Centre

To have your say on this consultation please see the Stickyworld portal:

Alternatively a hard copy of the questionnaire can be downloaded here.

Page last updated: 15/01/2018