Residents Parking Permits

Town Centre Parking Management Scheme (PMS)

  • Reduced rate season tickets are available to residents of specific parking areas within the town centre. These season tickets allow parking in Pay & Display Bays without the purchase of a "fee paid" ticket.
  • Permits are valid for 12 month. You will need to reapply before your current permit expires.
  • If you change vehicles and therefore need to change your permit cover, you must supply proof of ownership for the new vehicle and return the old permit with the change of vehicle fee (£5.00) , failure to do so will incur a £15 administration charge.


A maximum of 2 permits per household is allowed.

Cost - 1st Permit £50, 2nd Permit £50

You can download the application form here  or you can apply online by using our online application form.

Town Centre Ticket Zone

Those residing within the following streets may apply. Town Centre concessionary season tickets are valid for street of residence only.

  • Alexandra Street*
  • Clarence Road*
  • Clarence Street*
  • Clifftown Road*
  • London Road, Nos. 2 to 86d (evens) incl. and 1 to 61a (odds) incl. only
  • Nelson Street*
  • Royal Terrace*
  • Southchurch Road, Nos. 18 to 114 (evens) incl. and 55 to 143 (odds) incl. only
  • Victoria Avenue Service Road*
  • Warrior Square (inc. Warrior Square North and Warrior Square East)*
  • Weston Road*
  • Whitegate Road*
  • York Road, Nos. 28 to 60 (evens) incl. and 31 to 49 (odds) incl. only

*All Numbers

Seaway Car Park

  • Available to those residing within the proximity of the Seaway Car Park.

Seafront Parking Zone

Residents of the following streets may apply for the concessionary season ticket are valid for street of residence only.

  • The High Street, Old Leigh
  • Chalkwell Esplanade, Nos. 1 to 111 incl. only
  • The Leas, between Crowstone Avenue and Grosvenor Road.
  • Eastern Esplanade, 35 to 57 incl. only
  • Western Esplanade, Pier West 1 apartment

Clifftown Parking Zone

Concessionary Season Tickets are valid for use only in Pay and Display controlled parking bays in the locations indicated below. They are not valid for use at nearby Car Parks or Pay & Display bays in adjacent zones.

Residents of those properties that lie within this controlled parking zone are eligible to apply. Only residents of the following properties are eligible:

  • Cambridge Road, Nos. 1 to 57 (odds) incl. and 8 to 12A incl., 30, 34 and 36 (evens) only
  • Alexandra Road, Nos. 59 to 67 (odds) incl. only
  • Clifftown Parade, Nos. 1 to 13 incl. only

All properties in:

  • Capel Terrace
  • Devereux Road
  • Clifton Terrace
  • Cashiobury Terrace, Prittlewell Square (East and West)
  • Runwell Terrace

Page last updated: 15/02/2018