Residents Parking Permits

Victoria Station (Zone V) Parking Management Scheme (PMS)

  • The scheme operates from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Permits are valid for 12 month. You will need to reapply before your current permit expires. 
  • If you change vehicles and therefore need to change your permit, you must supply proof of ownership for the new vehicle and return the old permit along with an administration charge of £5. Replacement permits take a minimum of 5 days to process.  


Each household can apply for a maximum of four permits per year.

Cost – 1st Pemit £15, 2nd Permit £15, 3rd Permit £30, 4th Permit £50.


A household having a carer's permit will be ineligible to apply for a Resident's permit, However they still apply for visitor’s permits.

Cost – 1st Permit £15 (additional permits N/A)


Cost – 1st Permit £250 Per Year (additional permits N/A)

Applications forms are currently being redesigned, to apply please call 01702 215003.


Residents can apply for permits for their visitors to park. These can be requested on the residents application form above.

The area extends from Short Street to Bournemouth Park Road, including the following roads:

  • Bournemouth Park Road (from No. 81 on the west side and No. 60 on the east side south to Southchurch Road)
  • Coleman Street
  • Guildford Road
  • Maldon Road
  • Milton Street
  • Prittlewell Street
  • St Ann's Road
  • Short Street (No’s 2-12 only)
  • Sutton Road (between Maldon Road and Queensway)
  • Swanage Road
  • Wimbourne Road

Further scheme information can be downloaded here.

The terms and conditions of the scheme can be downloaded here.

Page last updated: 17/11/2017