Residents Parking Permits

Victoria Station (Zone V) Parking Management Scheme (PMS)

  • The scheme operates from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Permits are valid for 12 month. You will need to reapply before your current permit expires. 
  • Replacement permits take a minimum of 5 days to process.  


Each household can apply for a maximum of four permits per year.

Cost – 1st Pemit £15, 2nd Permit £25, 3rd Permit £50, 4th Permit £75.


A household having a carer's permit will be ineligible to apply for a Resident's permit, However they still apply for visitor’s permits.

Cost – 1st Permit £15 (additional permits N/A)


Cost of permit £250 Per Year (additional permits N/A)


  • Are available at a cost of £5.00 per book of 20 permits (max 5 books per year per household)
  • Must be applied for with proof of residence
  • Can still be applied for if the household does not have a resident's permit

What roads are covered under this scheme

  • Bournemouth Park Road (from No. 81 on the west side and No. 60 on the east side south to Southchurch Road)
  • Coleman Street
  • Guildford Road
  • Maldon Road
  • Milton Street
  • Prittlewell Street
  • St Ann's Road
  • Short Street (No’s 2 to12 only)
  • Sutton Road (between Maldon Road and Queensway)
  • Swanage Road
  • Wimbourne Road

Page last updated: 21/06/2018