Tree Removals

Our Arboricultural Officers carry out scheduled and ad hoc inspections of all of our street trees. All inspections consider:

  • the individual tree
  • its condition
  • whether any maintenance work is necessary to maintain the tree in a suitable condition for its location.

Sometimes we have to remove trees. This is usually because the tree is dead, diseased or dangerous.

This page shows the details on tree removals within Southend, including the location and species of the tree and why it was removed. This page does not include tree removals for planning purposes.

When a tree is removed, we record the location to make sure that the tree cover within the town is maintained and extended in line with our policy.

The exact location for the replanting is constrained by any existing underground/overhead services, continued presence of tree roots/old stumps/soil pathogens (a pathogen is a bacterium, micro organism or virus that can cause disease), maintaining safe sight lines etc.

Outside 164 Hamstel Road Norway Maple

Fungal fruiting bodies are visible at stem base, decay detection equipment used has shown Ganoderma fungi decay is established in the lower stem and has spread across the root buttress area.

34 Flemming Avenue Norway Maple A large section of the crown is dead and it is no longer viable for retention
8 Woodside Lime The tree is causing significant damage to the footpath and is no longer viable for retention
Outside 261 Thorpe Hall Avenue Horse Chestnut Badly damaged and splitting in lower stem area, tree health and condition in decline.
Opposite 41 Boston Avenue Norway Maple Tree is a poor specimen with decay cavities and die-back
Outside 20 Springfield Drive Malus Severe root disturbance.
Outside 5,9,17 Petworth Gardens & side of 62 Ashurst Avenue Cherry Some trees are dying back significantly, others have established decay / damage in stem base and are in decline.
Connaught Gardens side of 100/98 St Andrews Road, Outside 42, 44 & 41, 43 Norway maple Poor structural condition, decay in old reduction points, two trees have basal decay
Arterial Road - adjacent to Eastwood School Poplar, Oak Both trees have decay fungi present and require removal.
54 Grange Road, Leigh Thorn Roots from this tree are causing problems to the adjacent property.
Opposite 7 Woodleigh Avenue Norway Maple Norway maple has included bark in main branch union which is a structural weakness.
Outside 38 Woodleigh Avenue Hawthorn Decay in the main stem.
Outside 49 Woodleigh Avenue  Cockspur Thorn Tree leans across the footpath.
33 Oakwood Avenue Cherry Roots causing disruption to adjacent hard surfaces
45 Dundonald Drive Swedish Whitebeam The tree has basal decay and Ganoderma decay fungi.
8 Aldrin Way Whitebeam The tree has Ganoderma (a decay fungus) and one side of the crown is dying back.
Side of 12 Eastwoodbury Lane Cherry Plum Significant decay in the trunk.
148 Feeches Road Sorbus Decay in trunk and most of the crown is dead.
93 Burges Road Ailanthus Severe root disruption to footpaths and kerb.
Burges Road / Side of 4 The Broadway Horse Chestnut Previously storm damaged in crown with decay in main stem.
21 MacDonald Avenue Cherry Tree has died.
74 Inverness Avenue Maple Advanced decay within the trunk.
Clifftown Parade, opposite no 9 Cherry Severe dieback of the whole crown.
Westminster Drive – rear of 482 Fairfax Drive Purple Plum Severe dieback of crown.
17 & 19 Parkside Swedish whitebeam and Norway Maple Both trees are in poor physiological condition with advanced die back.
43 & 44 Thurston Avenue Cherry Dead and dying with significant decay in base of stem. 
62 Fernleigh Drive Flowering Crab Apple The tree has damage to the crown caused by vehicle impacts.
Gainsborough Playground Poplar Advanced decay in the base of the trunk
41 Earls Hall Avenue Cherry Causing disruption to footway and boudnary wall
Outside 10 Lancaster Gardens Cherry Dead
Rear of 178 Southchurch Rd Cherry Heavily leaning tree causing disruption to the footway and obstructing driveway
Side of 1 Holyrood Drive Cherry This tree has died.
38 Park Road, Leigh Liquidambar Causing disruption to the adjacent footway and property
398 Westbourne Grove Horse Chestnut Large sections of the bark have died due to disease so the tree requires removal on health and safety grounds
Outside 30 Ronald Park Avenue Sorbus Tree almost dead
Outside 116 Ronald Parrk Avenue Cherry Tree is dead
Outside 42 Burnham Road and opposite 66 Burnham Road Whitebeam Both trees are in decline and no longer worthy of retention. They have die back/decay in the crown, dieback is particularly advanced in the tree outside 42.
26 Chelsworth Crescent Cherry  Significant decay and branch die-back tree is in steep decline.
120 Elmsleigh Drive Norway maple The tree is dying back and is no longer viable for retention.
Alexandra House - Govt Building, Victoria Avenue Acer The tree has decay in the trunk.
Opposite 94 Neil Armstrong Way Cockspur Thorn The tree is loose in the ground and has basal damage.
Adjacent to Stafford Close Rowan The tree is suppressed, is physiologically poor and leans.
Side of 149 Neil Armstrong Way Rowan Poor condition with crown dieback.
Outside 98 Neil Armstrong Way Whitebeam Poor condition with dieback.
Outside 55 Eastcote Drive Robinia Unsuitable species to retain in a street location due to on-going footpath damage to area and gulley.
Outside 11 Sandringham Road N/A Direct root damage to surrounding hard surfaces and kerbs.
Rear of 73 Vardon Drive on the golf course Poplar The tree is colonised with Ganoderma and has multi stem form which comprises its strength.
6 Pinewood Avenue Cherry Dead.
15 Dale Road Malus The tree is leaning across the footpath. The tree is a hazard to pedestrians especially if partially sighted.
Priory Crescent - Outside No. 21   The tree has decay in the base of the trunk.
Colemans Avenue - Outside 25 and the side of No.6   2 x Trees have outgrown there location and are causing disruption to hard surfaces
Summercourt Road - Opposite flats   Trees contravenes minimum safe public footway width.
Manners Way - Junction Cuckoo Corner   Poor condition with most of the crown now dead
Quorn Gardens side of 285 Western Road Sweet Gum

weak included bark union between leaders and root damage to footpath.

Outside 6, 27 and side of 25, side of 73 Burlescoombe Road Malus One tree is dead, some trees are badly damaged at base of stem. Unsuitable species to retain in a street location.
Outside 37 and 38 Juniper Road Sycamore outside no. 37 and Norway Maple outside no. 38

The centre of the crown of the Sycamore is dead, the Norway Maple has significant dead branches. It is not feasible to prune these out and retain the trees as they would be misshapen.

18 Mannering Gardens N/A Small dead tree in the grass verge.
5 Eastwood Road Whitebeam The tree is dead.
Priorywood Drive - along Church boundary Elder and 2 x Hawthorn One Hawthorn is dead and the other is dying. The Elder is damaging the boundary fence.
60 Crossfield Road Elm Tree roots encroaching on private poroperty and also causing heave to the public footway and lifting of the kerb edge stones.
Grass verge outside 9-11 Somerset Avenue Elm Tree is infected with fungus wghich causes decay of the roots and the trunk.
Grass verge, Southside of Prince Ave., opposite house 168-170 Beech Tree is infected with fungus wghich causes decay of the roots and the trunk.
13 - 15 Somerville Gardens Acer Damage to public footway, damage to private vehicle crossing and damage to private block-paved driveway.
Opposite 656 Prince Avenue Beech

Scheduled for removal as part of the Kent Elms road junction improvement scheme.

London Road outside 1486, outside 1719 and junction with Crescent Road  Whitebeam All are colonized by Ganoderma, this can lead to butt and root decay and tree failure.
North Shoebury Road various locations Lombardy Poplar sucker growth and sel-sown Norway Maples Trees are not viable to retain due to location, poor form and general condition.
Chelsea Avenue rear of 110 Shaftesbury Avenue Whitebeam and Silver Maple Decayed and Dying
15 Chester Avenue Silver Maple Poor condition in decline with crown die-back
Outside 1,5,9,15,27 Byron Avenue & rear of 159 Bournemouth Park Avenue Betula species (Silver Birch) Significant decay, dieback and deadwood
Outside 28 Richmond Drive Malus spp (Ornamental Crab) Signifcant structural decay.  
St Andrews Road outside 79 & 83 Norway maple Decayed in main branches and steady general decline

Page last updated: 14/12/2017