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Tree Removals

Our Arboricultural Officers carry out scheduled and ad hoc inspections of all of our street trees. All inspections consider:

  • the individual tree
  • its condition
  • whether any maintenance work is necessary to maintain the tree in a suitable condition for its location.

Sometimes we have to remove trees. This is usually because the tree is dead, diseased or dangerous.

This page shows the details on tree removals within Southend, including the location and species of the tree and why it was removed. This page does not include tree removals for planning purposes.

When a tree is removed, we record the location to make sure that the tree cover within the town is maintained and extended in line with our policy.

The exact location for the replanting is constrained by any existing underground/overhead services, continued presence of tree roots/old stumps/soil pathogens (a pathogen is a bacterium, micro organism or virus that can cause disease), maintaining safe sight lines etc.

Adjacent to the Bowls Pavilion London Plane Roots are adversely affecting adjacent structures
Outside 123 Flemming Crescent Hornbeam Ganoderma decay fungi at base of stem
Outside 26 Flemming Crescent Hornbeam The tree is of low vitality with a thinning crown
Outside 98 Flemming Crescent Hornbeam Tree is in poor physiological condition
Outside 33 Chapman Walk Norway Maple Basal decay with Polyporus sqaumosus (decay fungi) present.
Outside 15 Chapman Walk Norway Maple Advanced decay in the lower stem (verified by drilling)
Outside 18 Chapman Walk Norway Maple The tree has had one side of the crown removed (by persons unknown) which has left it in a hazardous state.
Outside 45 Chapman Walk Italian Alder The tree is being struck by vehicles in the upper stem and is leading to decay as well as hazardous to vehicles.
Belfairs Golf Course rear of 107 approx Vardon Drive

2 x Ash and Sycamore

We are coppicing 2 x ash adjacent to the brook.

We are also felling a dead sycamore, a large white willow with a structural fault (bark inclusion) and a burnt ash tree.

East Boundary Rear of Lifstan Way Poplars x 5

Structural root damage, decay in main branches at old reduction points and main stem decay.    

Outside Belfairs Point and outside 188 Eastwood Road North Whitebeam and Cherry

Whitebeam is dead and the cherry is in irreversible decline.

Harley Street outside 20 and side of 118 Western Road Whitebeam outside 20 and Rowan side of 118

For removal, a large section of the crown is dead on the Rowan, the Whitebeam is in poor physiological condition and has a decay fungi at the base.

Outside edge of green on banked area adjacent to Abbots Walk Norway Maple, Willow and Ash Badly suppressed growth and poor structural form
Outside 21 Electric Avenue Ornamental Crab The stem of the tree is decayed, the stem of the tree also learns acrorss the footpath.
Outside 78 Ennismore Gardens Cherry Roots are adversely affecting adjacent structures
Outside 59 Priory Avenue  Horse Chestnut Decay present, unsuitable for retention
Rear of 4 Clatterfield Gardens alongside Prittlebrook Greenway 2 x Lombardy Poplar Decay present, unsuitable for retention
Outside 14 Maldon Road Norway Maple The tree is damaging surrounding structures. It also has a large burr which is causing an obstruction
Alleyway between 151 Bournemouth Park Road and Bournemouth Park Academy Sycamore The tree is in direct conflict with the boundary wall of the school
Outside 15,27,33,34 Dungannon Drive Cherry Mature trees have died
O/S 119 Brightwell Avenue Norway Maple (Acer platanoides) Despite previous remedial works, roots continue to cause disruption to the pavement over a long distance from the tree.
Daines Way, Outside 43 Norway maple Decay cavities in stem and most of the branches are now dead.
First Avenue, Opp 59-61 Bay Laurel In severe decline, significant decay fungi present.
First Avenue. Rear of 35 Crowstone Road Sorbus In severe decline, will not recover.
First Avenue, Outside 1-3 Sorbus (stump) Dead Ivy covered stump.
127 Manchester Drive and side of 73 Olivia Drive Elm The trees are in irreversible decline due to Dutch Elm Disease.
Weybourne Gardens outside numbers - 8, 16/18, 20, 36/38, 44/46, 47, 39  Hornbeam The trees have outgrown their situation. Contractors cannot maintain them safely or effectively and they are in danger of becoming a nuisance that cannot be safely remedied. These trees will be removed and replaced with a more suitable species, the remainder will be removed and replaced over the next two years.
4 Broadlawn Cherry Gonoderma and die back
8 Broadlawn Cherry Die back in crown and 2 major dead limbs
24 Broadlawn Cherry Ganoderma and dead branches
25 Broadlawn Cherry Crown dying back
Side of 22 Eaton Road Grey Alder Tree in decline with die back
Outside 24 Eaton Road Cherry Tree has die back in the crown and stem decay
174 Fairmead Avenue Ornamental Crab Basal decay
92 Fairmead Avenue Cherry The tree has been hit by a vehicle resulting in a tree of very poor crown structure
71 Fairmead Avenue Rowan Tree is in decline with centre of crown dead
87 Fairmead Avenue Rowan Tree is in decline with centre of crown dead
161 Fairmead Avenue Rowan 70% of crown dead
42 Westminster Drive Purple Plum The crown of the tree is 90% dead.
Outside 10 and 27 Gordon Road Ornamental crab Both trees have basal decay.
43 - 47 Juniper Road Maple Evidence shows that this tree is implicated in a case of subsidence damage to a nearby private property.
Outside 111 Wenham Drive Norway Maple Tree has died back significantly in main branches
Outside 51 Southborogh Drive Prunus Multiple fruiting bodies of wood decay fungi throughout structual limbs.
Outside 18 Southborough Drive Prunus In severe decline will not recover.
Outside 17 Southborough Drive Robinia (False Acacia) Tree has been compromised losing most of its main limbs to failure. Tree is not suitable for long term retention.
Outside 10 Southborough Drive Prunus Tree has died.
Opposite 1 Southborough Drive Prunus Tree has died.
96 Wellington Avenue Silver Birch Significant decay within the base of the stem. Tree cannot be retained.
Opposite 91 Cavendish Gardens Prunus Tree has been badly damaged in the past, it is now unsuitable for retaining in the highway.
Whitefriars Crescent - Side of 9 Grosvenor Road Norway Maple Severe decay in the base of the stem, tree cannot be retained.
Outside 3 and 47 Henley Crescent Sorbus Trees have died.
297 Prittlewell Chase Horse Chestnut Severe decay to the base of the stem. Tree is now beyond retention.
38 Hillborough Road Sorbus Tree is in severe decline and will not recover.
Delaware Road - Opposite Delaware Crescent near crossing Cherry Dead.
Delaware Road - Opposite Gunfleet and Viking Court Cherry and Maple Decay in stem and dieback.
Southchurch Hall Gardens - Northwest corner Ash Poor structual condition due to being heavily supressed and leaning over into road.
Southchurch Hall Gardens - Southeast corner compound Ash Badly damaged and now decayed in stem base.
Southchurch Hall Gardens - Middle area bottom of steps Willow Dying back and now decayed in stem base at ground level.
62 Rochester Drive Lime The roots of this tree are disrupting the public footway and have extended into the adjacent private property front driveway.
Outside 58 Lyndale Avenue Purple Plum Poor structual condition due to established fungal decay in main branches, multiple fruiting bodies of Phellinus fungus on main branches and stem.
Opposite 1 Ferndale Road Silver Birch Poor condition, major die-back in crowd and tree now in decline.
10/12 Wilson Road Robinia The tree has died during the winter.
Outside 179 Highlands Boulevard Bird Cherry 50% of the crown is dead. The tree also had Ganoderma.
Outside 129 Highlands Boulevard Cherry Crown is 40% dead and is not worthy of retention.
Outside 79 Highlands Boulevard Ornamental Crab Basal decal and bark damage.
Outside 96 Highlands Boulevard Whitebeam Dead.
Outside 148 Highlands Boulevard Ornamental Crab Leans across footpath with deadwood present.
Outside 194 Highlands Boulevard Ornamental Crab Dead wood and Ganoderma present.
Central reservation opposite 102 Highlands Boulevard Whitebeam Die back and crown becoming thin
Central reservation opposite 122-124 Highlands Boulevard Pear Dead.
Central reservation opposite 137 Highlands Boulevard Ornamental Crab Dead.
Central reservation opposite 147 Highlands Boulevard Poplar The tree is in decline with major die back.
Central reservation opposite 150 Highlands Boulevard Sycamore 30% of crown is dead
Central reservation opposite 181 Highlands Boulevard Ornamental Crab Dead
Central reservation opposite 162 Highlands Boulevard Norway Maple The centre of the crown is dead
Central reservation opposite 196 Highlands Boulevard Ornamental Crab Dead
Central reservation opposite 202 Highlands Boulevard Pear Very weak leaf flushing. Tree appears to be in irreversible decline.
Central reservation opposite 205 Highlands Boulevard Hawthorn 80% of crown is dead.
Central reservation opposite 225 on bank of brook Ash The tree has multiple bark inclusions and is likely to cause direct damage to the concrete bank of the brook.
Belton Hills 2 x Monterey Cypress  One heavily supressed crown and in a declining condition and the second non-viable for retention on completion of construction works.
Outside 29 North Crescent Ornamental Crab (Malus sp.) Decay in stem and structual areas of crown.
Outside 52 North Crescent  Ornamental Crab (Malus sp.) Tree is in severe decline, fruiting bodies present, significant decay.
Outside 168 North Crescent Whitebeam (Sorbus araia) Tree is in decline, root-plate deterioration.
Adjacent Viking Court, Delaware Road Cherry Plums Decayed and in a very poor structural condition.
Eastern Avenue, Central Reservation, Opposite 120 Maple (Acer platanoides)

Tree is in severe decline and will not recover.

Eastern Avenue, South side Verge opposite 230 Maple (Acer platanoides) Tree is in severe decline and will not recover.
Opposite 3 Rylands Road Pear Tree is causing structural damage to the adjacent property
Outside 423 Woodgrange Drive Horse Chestnut In poor health and decline. A large area of bark surrounding the lower stem and in the main structural fork/branch on the highway side has died
Outside 18 Acacia Drive Birch Poor condition die back in branches with decay in base of stem
Outside  25 Station Road Birch Poor condition die back in branches with decay in base of stem
Outside 6 Hobleythick Lane Purple Leaf Plum Two different, significant wood decay fungi at the base of the stem and the crown break.
Outside 107/109 Hobleythick Lane Judas Tree Tree is in severe decline and will not recover
Outside 127 Hobleythick Lane Purple Leaf Plum Significant internal decay in the main stem and structual limbs.
Outside 167 Feeches Road Whitebeam Tree has died
44 Crosby Road Cherry Tree is in severe decline, it is virtually dead and will not recover.
Kenilworth Gardens outside rear of 254 Southbourne Grove Horse Chestnut Significant weakness where the main stem joins the crown and multiple decayed points throughout the crown.
66 Chadwick Road Maple Damage to neighbouring property.
Outside rear of 242/244 Southbourne Gv Malus Sp. - Horse chestnut Significant decay in the main stem at crown-break.
54 Wyatts Drive Malus Very poor condition with decay cavity in base of stem.
Outside 18/20 Retreat Road Pyrus Sp - Pear The tree in question has been implicated in a case of tree related property damage.
Southchurch Boulevard Central Area Opposite 71/70-72 Elms (four) Two trees have died and two are now dying back significantly.
Outside 13 Ditton Court Road Cherry This small tree has been severely damaged by a vehicle and retention is not feasible
Opposite 131 St Helens Road Lime Decay has developed in the main trunk so the tree needs to be removed on health and safety grounds.

Page last updated: 20/09/2018