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There are lots of different types of places you can live in Southend.

Floating Support

Floating Support

This is where you live in your own home.

Floating Support is a service that can visit you and support you to maintain your tenancy or home.

A tenancy is an agreement for you to live somewhere. 

Own Home

Own Home

You might live in your own house. Or you might live with your family.

Own Home

Rented House

This is where you pay someone to live in their house. This person is called a landlord. The money you pay them is called rent.

People sitting round a table - Residential


This is where lots of people live together in a house.

Sheltered housing

Sheltered Housing

This is where you live by yourself in your own place. There is a warden or sheltered housing officer you can call on in an emergency.

A warden or sheltered housing officer is someone who lives nearby or in the building who can support you.

Sometimes the house has Careline. Careline is a telephone service you can ring for support.

Supported Housing

Supported Housing

This is where you live in a house or flat with support staff in the building.

Staff can be there all day or during office hours depending on the service. The amount of support you will get will be agreed through your support plan.

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To find out more

If you want to find out more about the different types of housing then please telephone Adult and Community Services on 01702 215008.

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