Revised Recycling & Waste Collection

There will be a revised recycling and waste collection service operating over the Bank Holiday period.

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Below you can download some blank guides to help start your PCP. These sheets can also be found in our related downloads. If you would like more information then please contact the PCP Co-ordinators.

Important to and important for

Important To and Important For

It is very important to work out what is important To you and what is important For you. What is important to a person includes what they think is important to them from their point of view. What is important for them shows what support a person needs to remain healthy, safe, well and included in the community.

For a copy of this sheet please click here.
Two people holding up pieces of paper, one with a cross and one with a tick.

Working and Not Working

This sheet can be used to look at what is going well in your life and what might not be going as well. People in your life can add what they think. Use different coloured pens for different people. You can then make an action plan to see if you can improve the things that are not going well. You also can make an action plan to make sure that what is going well continues.

For a copy of this sheet please click here.

Person holding up a bit of paper with 1,2,3 written on it.

Action Plan

The most important thing about a PCP is the action plan. This will make sure that your life is changing for the better. You need to say who, what, how and when each action is to be done.

For a copy of this sheet please click here.

One page profile

One Page Profile

The One Page Profile is a really good way to start your PCP. It fits on 1 sheet of paper. It has the important To and important For guide, says what people like and admire about you and has an action plan.

For a copy of this sheet please click here.

Page last updated: 14/03/2014