The Political Make-up of the Council

The Council has 51 Councillors elected to represent you. The Full Council (when all 51 Councillors meet together around 9 times a year) decides major policy and sets the amount of Council Tax that you pay to help fund services provided to you by the Council.

You can view a map of wards and their Councillors here.

There are 17 wards each with three elected members. The current political make-up of the Council is as follows:

Conservative Group  19 Seats  Leader of the Group  Councillor John Lamb
Independent Group  13 Seats  Leader of the Group  Councillor Martin Terry
Labour Group  9 Seats  Leader of the Group  Councillor Ian Gilbert
Liberal Democrat Group  5 Seats  Leader of the Group  Councillor Graham Longley
UK Independence Party  5 Seats  Leader of the Group  Councillor James Moyies

Page last updated: 18/08/2014