Changes to our Achieve Online Forms

In the near future Achieve online forms (both filling in the forms or accessing saved forms) will no longer work on browsers Internet Explorer 10 and below (browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox will not be affected).

This is due to an update that Firmstep (the company who provide our online forms system) are making in response to Microsoft no longer supporting these systems. You can read more about what Microsoft have done and why on their website.

An easy way to tell if a form is supplied by Achieve is to look at the url as it will always start with

screen shot or url in address bar



You will know you are affected if after the dates above you try to access one of our online forms and you get the following message displayed on screen asking you to update your browser:

Screen shot of message displayed on online forms for out of date browsers

It is likely that your computer will have automatic updates turned on and that your version of internet explorer has updated itself, to see what version you have follow the steps in this YouTube video. If you are not sure what browser you are using you can go to the whatbrowser website which will tell you the browser you are currently using and what version it is.

If you use Inter Explorer and yours hasn't automatically updated you should update your browser to the latest version (currently version 11), which can be done on the Microsoft website.

If you have an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox you will still be able to access the forms, if you currently only have internet explorer and would like an alternative browser you can download Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact

Page last updated: 20/06/2017