Equality and Diversity Policies and Strategies

The Corporate Equality Policy

Whether we are Councillors, employees, or citizens, we all have a role to play in promoting diversity and making Southend a place where:

  • people's differences are respected and catered for, and
  • they have equal chances of getting the services they need.

We have a range of policies relating to the six equality strands of gender/gender identity, race, disability, age, religion/faith and sexual orientation. We also have an overall corporate equality policy which forms an 'umbrella' document for all our work on equality and diversity.

We are required to have these schemes by law. However, we think it is important to have them for other reasons. It's important because everyone should have access to services they need. These services should be responsive and effective. We are committed to understanding the needs of all communities that live, work and visit Southend so that we can serve them well.

The Age Equality regulations deal with age equality in the workplace. They are solely to do with employment whereas the Race, Disability and Gender equality schemes are about employment and provision of goods and services. Our Age Equality Policy came into force in October 2006. This is an internal document and also fits into our Corporate Equality Policy.

These schemes need to be updated regularly. You can help by telling us what new things they may need to include and how they can be improved. We are always interested in good practice. If you can help us please let us know.

Page last updated: 05/04/2017