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Southend's STARS Awards 2015

STARS’s 2015 Winners!

We are extremely pleased to announce the results of our STARS Awards 2015.

Our annual STARS Awards recognises individuals, teams and partners that have excelled in demonstrating our organisations aims and values. 500 + nominations were received by the shortlisting panel. These were then presented to a judging panel. The results were revealed at the fully sponsored annual recognition event held on Friday 16th October 2015. 

Apprentice of the Year

Kerry Siddle – Winner

Kerry is a very hard working and committed member of the business support team. She maintains a good rapport with both members of the general public.  

Kerry has now been appointed full-time to the team, proving the success of these apprenticeships to both the individual and organisation.

  • Adam Hennell – Runner Up
  • Daniel Howard – Runner Up
  • Josh Kind – Runner Up


Southend Therapy and Recovery Team (START) – Winner

They are a fantastic team and go the extra mile, If I were asked to recommend a care group it would be them.

They are all so kind caring and considerate and because of this people like me have been able to stay in my own home while recovering, freeing up a bed in hospital. Excellent team, couldn't have had better.

  • Lisa Holloway – Runner Up
  • David Gilkes – Highly Commended
  • Sharon Langston - Highly Commended
  • Susan Burrell, Vernon Doherty, Judith Mummery - Highly Commended


Waste Procurement Project Team – Winner

The project team demonstrated a real commitment to the key deliverables; working closely and sharing best practise at all times. This enabled challenging and innovative discussions to explore new ways to deliver savings and efficiencies to the Council. The Council has successfully re-procured one of its largest service contracts covering recycling, waste collection and street cleansing services worth approximately £123 million and provide a saving of £22.2 million.

  • Josie Cobb – Runner Up
  • Mark Kelly – Highly Commended
  • School Nursing Team – Highly Commended


Jo Dickinson and Nancy Smith – Winner

With limited resources and a predicted raise in dementia within the Borough, Jo and Nancy have made a huge difference through partnership working across the community. Jo and Nancy have run 63 dementia friends training sessions across the Borough creating an incredible 641 dementia friends

Jo and Nancy have also started a local Dementia Action Alliance - a partnership across a vast range of organisations with each of these organisations pledging to help make Southend a dementia-friend community.

  • Child and Family Early Intervention Team – Runner Up
  • Cycle Southend – Highly Commended
  • Liesel Park and Sally Watkins – Highly Commended


Development Control Team – Winner

The Development Control Team is recognised as being of the highest standard nationally. Winning the National Award for Development Management Team of the Year at the Planning Awards in London in 2014. They were recently rated 7th in the whole of the UK for its performance in dealing with major planning applications.

The Development Control team also resists poor development by fighting appeals on behalf of the Council and taking action against unauthorised development harmful to the borough, it protects the character and appearance of our Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings.

  • Amanda Rogers – Runner Up
  • Marnie Bowling and Kim Morris – Highly Commended
  • Essential Living Fund Team – Highly Commended


Brenda Lewis – Winner

Brenda is a youth worker who works with young carers. Brenda cares passionately about them all and works tirelessly to ensure they have the best experience possible.

She also secured 6 young carers champions for Southend enabling these young people to work nationally to promote the role of young carers.

  • Denise Burgess – Runner Up
  • Gemma Loizou and Lucie Nicholas – Highly Commended
  • Sharon Griffiths – Highly Commended

Customer Services – Customer Facing

Customer Service Centre – Winner

The Customer Service Centre is always working to ensure customers receive the best service possible; putting the customers first and where possible resolving issues at the first contact. They provide a range of services including distributing petty cash on behalf of the Court of Protection Team. They are always firm but friendly with our service users, as many are confused and need a great deal of patience. Reporting any concerns so that social workers can deal with problems swiftly. The team is invaluable to the Court of Protection Team and vulnerable residents of Southend.

  • Lisa Hawkins – Runner Up
  • Equipment and Adaptations Service – Highly Commended
  • Registration Service – Highly Commended

Customer Services - Support

HR Operational Services – Winner

This team do an absolutely critical job with very little recognition or thanks. Dealing  with amendments to ICT systems, new procedures and changes to the teams they support in pay, NI, tax, grades, they are always dealing with change.

  • Caroline Foley – Runner Up
  • Richard Eborall – Highly Commended
  • The Tickfield Team – Highly Commended

Team of the Year

Southend Hospital Social Work Team – Winner

The Hospital Social Work Team continually strive to achieve positive outcomes for adults and carers in a very rushed and pressurised working environment, adapting to change, and working with low staffing levels. Working as a team they support each other and take on work that others are struggling with, achieving positive outcomes in a timely manner.

  • Economic Development Team – Runner Up
  • Southend Therapy and Recovery Team (START) – Highly Commended
  • Integrated Commissioning Team – Highly Commended

Valuing Diversity

Glyn Jones – Winner

Glyn has made a very valuable contribution to the lives of some of Southend's most vulnerable and disempowered residents.

He has been instrumental in founding Southend's first Autism Partnership Board  bringing together a range of partner organisations, people with autism and their carers to guide and support work around better integrating people with autism into society.

  • Alison Paveling – Runner Up
  • Sian Hines – Highly commended
  • Streets Ahead – Highly Commended

Focused Performance

Rob Walters – Winner

Rob's key achievement has been the way that he has helped Southend's Health and Wellbeing Board strive to be the best that it can be.  Impressively he has established a set of high level, short term goals that the Board felt able to sign up and work to. To achieve this he had to identify, interpret and articulate the ambitions of a disparate set of Board members and champion them through operational and Board meetings. This achievement could only have been brought about by Rob's excellent people skills, sound judgement and unshakeable optimism.

  • Alan Richards – Runner Up
  • Nicola Mason – Runner Up
  • Sara Hadden – Runner Up

Resilience & Growth

Neil Watkins – Winner

Neil Watkins was appointed as Missing/CSE Co-ordinator in May 2014. This was a new post and Neil was responsible for developing this role. Neil undertakes all Return to Home interviews, speaking to the child and parent for the Southend Borough. His skills and experience have uncovered a number of high risk CSE cases. Neil has developed this role, liaising closely with Police, Social Care, Streets Ahead and other agencies to ensure that the vulnerable children of the Borough are protected and receiving the support they need. Neil has promoted CSE to agencies, developed a Risk Assessment toolkit and become known as CSE Single Point of Contact for anyone needing advice and support on this very sensitive matter. The problems highlighted have now meant that CSE has become a priority and there is now a Strategic Manager and Performance Analyst involved. Operationally Neil has passionately driven this agenda so that all frontline workers are aware and acting to protect vulnerable young people.

  • Focal Point Gallery – Runner Up
  • Ellie Hal-Fead – Highly Commended
  • Tony Wagstaff – Highly Commended


Kelly Clarke – Winner

Kelly is the Senior Community Relations Advisor and commissions around £700k of contracts to the third sector each year. The Hub is an example of her commitment and creativity. Kelly sought out suitable premises, negotiate leases and drove through the necessary building work to establish a fantastic space where local people can now access advice and practical support.

  • Debbie Williams – Runner Up
  • Diane Bowden – Highly Commended
  • Gill Jay – Highly Commended

Employee of the Year

Joe Hill – Winner

Joe Hill has raised the profile of Focal Point Gallery with its eclectic mix of artists, exhibitions and performances.  The Gallery regularly attracts large numbers of visitors at its openings and events, from London and across the UK, who are increasingly impressed with the work of the Gallery. As Director of the Gallery, Joe has worked tirelessly with his small team of staff to expand the work of the gallery, and in doing so is developing the teams’ own skills and experiences in the work of contemporary art.

  • John Johnson – Highly Commended
  • Amit Basal – Highly Commended
  • Angela Ejoh – Highly Commended

Engaging Leadership

Alan Richards – Winner

The Essex Property Asset Map ("EPAM") is an Essex-wide public sector project which has been led and facilitated by Alan Richards.

Alan is unbelievably committed to the organisation and works conscientiously and with complete integrity to deliver significant projects for the organisation. His supreme professional skills and abilities can be seen through all the work he does.

Caroline Jennings – Winner

Caroline is really supportive and a fantastic manager. She is always there when we need her she is very supportive and makes a stressful social work job a lot easier. Caroline is an excellent team manager and is very committed to her team.

  • Lysanne Eddy – Highly Commended
  • Paul Mavin – Highly Commended
  • Sylwia Przybylek – Highly Commended

Mayors Award

Essential Living Fund Team – Winner

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