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Southend's STAR Awards 2016

We are extremely pleased to announce the results of our STARS Awards 2016.

Our annual STARS Awards recognises individuals, teams and partners that have excelled in demonstrating our organisations aims and values. Over 400 nominations were received by the shortlisting panel. These were then presented to a judging panel. The results were revealed at the fully sponsored annual recognition event held on Friday 21st October 2016, at the Cliffs Pavilion. 

2016 Finalists

Apprentice of the Year

Amy Shelley - Place - Winner

Amy joined the Council in April 2015 as a level 2 apprentice on the Ideas in Motion project in Major Projects and Strategic Transport Policy. Amy now leads all of Ideas in Motion social media content and interactions.

Kurt Walpole - Place - Runner Up
Lucy Dalgarno - Corporate Services - Runner Up
Sajada Rahman - People - Runner Up


Nevada Shaw & Michael Rattigan - Public Health - Winner

Staying Steady' is a community falls prevention course that uses gentle exercises to improve strength and mobility. It's aimed at people who've had a fall or are at risk of falling.

Graham Hart - Place - Runner Up
Sharon Langston - People - Highly Commended
Carl Robinson - Place - Highly Commended


Mark Kelly - Place - Winner

Mark richly deserves recognition for the outstanding contribution he makes to the Libraries and Museums service. He is incredibly resourceful and has saved the Council thousands of pounds over the last few years.

Arboriculture Team - Place - Runner Up
Beach Cleaners - Place - Highly Commended
Emma Walpole - Place - Highly Commended


Deborah Hart - Public Health - Winner

More Life' a weight management programme for children and young people who are overweight or obese run by Deborah. She has a marvellous rapport with parents and children alike and the programme makes a really positive impact on the lives of these families.

Sharon Wheeler, Kirsty Horseman & Kevin Read - Place - Runner Up
Linda Gildea - People - Highly Commended
Stop Smoking Service - Public Health - Highly Commended


Project 49 - People - Winner

Project 49 Day Opportunities is an exciting and innovative project providing quality services for adults with learning disabilities (LD). As a service they are not only looking to provide a service to the adults they work with, but are actively seeking to link with other services and service providers in the town.

LED Replacement Project Team - Place - Runner Up
Angela Squires & Lee Watson - Public Health - Highly Commended
Chris Burr - Place - Highly Commended


Lauren Robinson - Place - Winner

Lauren has grown significantly in both confidence and ability over the last year progressing rapidly from an Apprentice to one of the Directorate Support Team as a Personal Assistant and is always willing to go that extra mile and learn new skills.

Electoral Services - Corporate Services - Runner Up
Workforce Commissioning Team - People - Highly Commended
Finance - People Team - Corporate Services - Highly Commended

Customer Services - Customer Facing

Adam Keating - Corporate Services - Winner

Adam is a highly skilled communications expert who demonstrates his professionalism at all levels.  Directly supporting Cabinet Members, the Chief Executive and Corporate Directors on difficult, challenging and often sensitive issues.

Laura Booth - People - Runner Up
Chris Horsley - People - Highly Commended
Pier Team - Place - Highly Commended

Customer Service - Support 

The Tickfield Team - Corporate Services - Winner

The Tickfield team work tirelessly to provide high quality customer service to the users of the centre.

Linda Huckett - Place - Runner Up
Planning and Engagement - People - Highly Commended
Keith Harding - Corporate Services - Highly Commended

Team of the Year 

CCTV - Place - Winner

The CCTV team help protect the residents of Southend along with the many thousands of visitors we have every year at Southend. 

Services for Schools Team - People - Runner Up
Performance Team - Place - Highly Commended
Mayoralty Team - Corporate Services - Highly Commended

Valuing Diversity 

Jo Hines - People - Winner

Jo is dedicated, professional and shows excellence in her work and is a real champion in supporting disadvantaged and adopted children. Jo values diversity in her work and is a constant figure to all of the various families she has supported in the Adoption and Fostering Service.

Staff Forums - Cross Council - Runner Up
Tara Boyle - People - Highly Commended
Iwona Kalisz - People - Highly Commended

Focused Performance

Dave Halladay - People - Winner

On top of his already demanding day job Dave has taken on the task of project manager for the major total redesign of the Adaptations Service.
Ideas in Motion Personalised Travel Planning Partnership - Place - Runner Up
Southend Public Health School Nurse Team - Public Health - Highly Commended
Youth Offending Service - People - Highly Commended

Resilience and Growth

Andrew Hughes - People - Winner

This year Andy has completed a degree in Occupational Therapy and has transferred from his previous Mobile Trusted Assessor role to a qualified Occupational Therapy post.

Valerie Smith - Corporate Services - Runner Up
The Development Team - Corporate Services - Highly Commended
Erin Brennan-Douglas - Public Health - Highly Commended


Gavin Montella - Corporate Services - Winner

Gavin has recently taken on a new "managerial" role in Facilities Management and has essentially been "thrown in at the deep end". 

Gary Perry Ambrose - Corporate Services - Runner Up
Corporate Services Event Team - Corporate Services - Highly Commended
Drug & Alcohol Commissioning Team - People - Highly Commended

Employee of the Year

Marie Pye - People - Winner

Marie is a Newly Qualified Social Worker. One of her cases, which was particularly complex, was audited by an external auditor and judged to be Outstanding. The same case was audited by the Easter Region Peer Review team who interviewed her and commended her on the quality of her practice.

Karen Peters - People - Highly Commended
Gareth Richards - People - Highly Commended
John McGrath - Place - Highly Commended

Engaging Leadership

Binesh Kappan - People - Winner

Binesh Kappan is the team manager of Care Management 16+ within Children's Services. The team work with young people aged 16 - 25 years who are in care or who have left care.

Elizabeth Georgeou - Place - Highly Commended
Emma Cooney - Place - Highly Commended
Sarah Baker - People - Highly Commended

Mayor's Award

Drug and Alcohol Commissioning Team - Winner

The Drug and Alcohol Commissioning Team went out of their way to help us (the school nursing team) when we first joined the authority. 

Our team is all about children. DAAT commission services for adults yet they never hesitated to provide us with thorough and relevant training and support regarding drugs and their impact on young people in school.

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