Southend's STARS Awards


Southend STARS Awards 2017

We are pleased to announce the results of our STARS Awards 2017.

Our annual STARS Awards recognise those individuals, teams and partners that have excelled in demonstrating our organisation’s aims and values.

Over 370 nominations were received and the final results were revealed at the fully sponsored STARS event held on Friday 10th November 2017 at the Cliffs Pavilion.

Congratulations to all the winners and our finalists, you are all STARS. 


Neil Pointer - Winner
Southchurch Complex Needs Hostel Project Team - Runner Up
Helen Carrick - Highly Commended
Locality Team WestHighly Commended


Sue Todd - Winner
Matthew Goodbourn - Runner Up
Make Southend Sparkle - Highly Commended
The R A Jones Clock Restoration Project Team - Highly Commended


Richard Layzell - Winner
HR - Advisory Services - Runner Up
Commissioning Support Team - Highly Commended
Howard Cecil - Highly Commended


George Harrison - Winner
Amir Girnary - Runner Up
Joe Passingham - Highly Commended
Planning and Engagement Team - Highly Commended


Kamil Pachalko - Winner
Rachel Marshall - Runner Up
Jack Moore - Highly Commended
Poppies Team - Highly Commended

Customer Services - Customer Facing

Wayne Bennett - Winner
Fred Onwuchekwa - Runner Up
Helen Neale - Highly Commended
Holly Medcraft - Highly Commended

Customer Service - Support

Christine Allen - Winner
Liz Farrell - Runner Up
Adam Golding - Highly Commended
Kevin Read - Highly Commended
Rob Fewkes - Highly Commended​​​​​​​

Apprentice of the Year

Anthony Smyth - Winner
Alexandra Allen - Runner Up
Joseph Payne - Runner Up
Leah Hooper - Runner Up

Team of the Year

Focal Point Gallery Team - Winner
Edge of Care - Runner Up
Integrated Commissioning Team - Highly Commended​​​​​​​
SMAART (Southend Multi Agency Anti-Social Behaviour Response Team) - Highly Commended​​​​​​​

Valuing Diversity

Aimee Fossett - Winner
Phil Webster - Runner Up
Bookstart Team - Highly Commended​​​​​​​
Simon D Ford - Highly Commended​​​​​​​

Focused Performance

Yvonne Adams - Winner
Rosanna Erasmus - Runner Up
Evelyn Mackay - Highly Commended​​​​​​​
Matthew Goodbourn - Highly Commended​​​​​​​

Resilience & Growth

Jessica Byford, Laura Llewellyn, Richard Warren - Winner
Suzannah Scott - Runner Up
Gemma Webb - Highly Commended​​​​​​​
Jo Nickels - Highly Commended​​​​​​​


Richard Whitehead - Winner
Julie Garrington - Runner Up
Hope Ware-Lane - Highly Commended​​​​​​​
Scarlett O'Shea - Highly Commended​​​​​​​

Employee of the Year

Caroline McCarron - Winner
Amy Helm - Highly Commended​​​​​​​
Elsie Anakwue - Highly Commended​​​​​​​
Gavin Montella - Highly Commended​​​​​​​

Engaging Leadership

Gemma Czerwinke - Winner
Marion Brooke - Highly Commended
Phil Webster - Highly Commended
Sharon Wheeler - Highly Commended

Mayor's Award

Poppies Team - Winner

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