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Stop Smoking

Welcome to your local stop smoking service

Tel: 01702 212000

We’re your local Stop Smoking service and are here to provide free advice, support and information to anyone who is thinking of stopping smoking.

You’re 4 times more likely to stop if you get support and use medication during your quit.

Our service offers:

  • Specialist Group Support
  • Support from Local Healthcare Professionals
  • Specialist support for pregnant women and their partners
  • A hospital-based service (either in or out-patient)

Group Support

Our specialist Smoking Advisors are all highly trained and very experienced in helping people to quit.

The support programmes run for 7 weeks and take place in venues throughout our area.

If you’d like to join us please call us and we’ll tell you more about them and how you can join us.

Support from Local Healthcare Professionals

If group support is not for you, there is help available from other professionals in our community.  Your GP Practice and your local Pharmacy are likely to offer a Stop Smoking service.


  • Your Practice Nurse can offer you a Smoking Cessation appointment to discuss your options and then issue a prescription for your chosen medication.  Normal prescription fees will apply unless you do not normally have to pay these.


  • A similar service is also available at many local pharmacies – look out for a poster or sticker in the window.  If you pay for your prescriptions then you’ll only pay a one-off fee for the entire treatment which can last for up to 12 weeks.  Stopping smoking with support from your local Pharmacy can be very flexible and you may not need to book an appointment for every visit.
  • View a current list of all the Pharmacies which offer this service.

Specialist support for Pregnant Women (and their partners)

Our Specialist Pregnancy Advisors offer a friendly, supportive and successful service to help pregnant women to quit either before, during or shortly after pregnancy.

They can arrange to visit clients at a convenient place and time to carry out an assessment of the client’s smoking and give individual advice and information about suitable medications.

This service also covers clients’ partners and close family members who want to stop smoking at the same time. 

As we work closely with both hospital and community-based midwives, health visitors and GP’s, just ask them to refer you to us.

Hospital-Based Service

Stopping Smoking before an operation can really improve your recovery and lessen the risk of complications. The earlier you stop smoking the better -  if you stop 6 months beforehand you will cut your post-surgery risks down to the same level as a non-smoker.  But stopping even 48-72 hours before your operation will promote better recovery and wound healing.

However, some hospital admissions are not planned so an in-patient service is also available from our on-site advisors. Your nurse can refer you to us so that we can offer support during your stay.

If you are just thinking about stopping smoking and would like to chat things through, please give us a call on 01702 212000 and we’ll be happy to help!

Page last updated: 12/05/2014