‘Mood Boosting’ Books at The Forum

Published Friday, 2nd December 2016

The Forum

December can be a demanding month- what better remedy than time spent reading a well-selected book?

We all, at one time or another feel in need of a boost, or know someone who might; ‘Mood Boosting’ Books are titles which have been chosen by readers specifically for their uplifting and mood-boosting attributes.

These are feel-good books which offer insight, reassurance, humour and entertainment and the list of recommendations feature books from all genres: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Short-Stories, Children’s Books, Travel and Cookery Books - there is something for every taste!

The Forum have a display of the recommendations on the First Floor, which are also available to reserve through the library catalogue and therefore accessible to all Library members throughout the borough. Simply visit the Classic Catalogue.

If you would like to share your experience of a mood boosting book you can join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using #moodboosting or find out how to join the UK’s largest reading group network.

Co-ordinated by The Reading Agency, the ‘Mood Boosting’ scheme began in 2010.