Council secures injunction against unsanctioned meets

Published Tuesday, 3rd October 2017

Hands on driving wheel

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has secured an injunction against car cruise events for the next six months.

The injunction was obtained from the High Court and it forbids any anti-social behaviour associated with car-cruise events happening anywhere in the Borough until 28 April 2018. This follows on from a previous year-long injunction that was put in place 28 September 2016.

The Council is working closely with Essex Police to deter unauthorised car events held on the seafront.

A breach of the injunction is deemed a Contempt of Court and can result in a custodial sentence. The Council, working closely with Essex Police, will use the injunction to enforce any unauthorised meets as and when appropriate during the lifetime of the injunction.

Cllr Tony Cox, Executive Councillor for Transport, Waste and Regulatory Services, has supported the injunction.

He said: “We always welcome visitors to our town but the previous reckless driving and racing witnessed at previous meets has put the public and the participants themselves at danger.

“Anyone who is planning a large event should get in contact with the Council so that we can advise on how it can be organised and carried out safely. Any such unauthorised events will be dealt with in accordance with this injunction.”

A full copy of the injunction and the activities that it prohibits can be found on our website