Can you identify Unusual Suspects in your bin?

Published Wednesday, 15th November 2017

Sam russel of veolia and miranda valenzuela

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s waste contractor, Veolia, is kicking off a major campaign to educate residents about ‘unusual’ items that can be recycled in a bid to boost Borough’s recycling rates.

Bleach bottles, foil food trays, shaving foam cans and air fresheners are among a list of “Unusual Suspects” that residents often do not realise can be recycled and all too often end up in landfill sites. This is not only bad for the environment, but is also more expensive for the council tax payer.

The campaign see posters put up across the Borough, leaflets distributed and social media posts uploaded with interesting recycling information and tips.’

These ‘Unusual Suspects’ can be recycled in your pink if they are made of recyclable glass, plastic or metal, or blue box if they are made of paper or cardboard. Visit our website to check which items can be recycled and how.

Once collected the Borough’s recycling is taken to Eastern Avenue before being transferred to various materials recycling facilities (for sorting), or directly to recycling reprocessors (in the case of paper and card and textiles). Materials are then made into new products.

Indeed, if every resident in the borough recycled just one bleach bottle, the energy saved would be enough to power a hospital for two weeks.*

Councillor Tony Cox, Executive Councillor for Transport, Waste and Regulatory Services, said: “Recycling these unusual items can really makes a difference to our overall recycling rates. Not only does recycling help secure a better environment for future generations but it also means that money currently spent on landfill could instead be spent on other essential council services, such as social care, highways maintenance or libraries.

“I hope residents will get involved in this campaign and make an extra special effort to recycle those perfume bottles, tissue boxes and soap dispensers, all of which are collected at the kerbside, making it easy to recycle.”

Keith McGurk, Veolia’s Regional Director said: “Currently Southend Borough residents can recycle plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, cartons, plastic punnets and tubs, food and drinks cans, jam jars, cardboard boxes and newspapers. But there are also Unusual Suspects, such as foil trays and bleach bottles, which are too often overlooked.

“Recycling has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and there are a lot more items that can be recycled today than many people may think.”

Look out for information leaflets coming to your local community centre, library or Council Offices, or you can download one online from the Council website. The website also has lots of information on what you can recycle at home.

To get involved in the campaign on social media, please follow:

Facebook: @SouthendBCOfficial (or just search Southend-on-Sea Borough Council)

Twitter: @SouthendBC