Charging proposal set to retain one-hour band at Tylers Avenue and York Road car parks

Published Tuesday, 30th January 2018

Red and Blue car parked side by side

Draft budget proposals to consolidate charging bands from Southend-on-Sea High Street car parks are being modified.

Plans are being redrafted to keep the one-hour banding at Tylers and York Road High Street car parks and during the winter tariff season at Seaway car park.

Cllr Tony Cox, Executive Councillor for Transport, said: “Initial draft budget proposals regarding charging bands in the High Street have undoubtedly started a wider debate about the future of the High Street, and how we attract people and get them to stay longer in our High Street.

“Alongside that, we also have significant savings that we have to make, and we must set a balanced budget by the end of February. We have repeatedly made the point that our central Government funding has been reduced and will be minimal by 2020. Raising income is critical to ensure that we can keep delivering essential services that our residents rely on.

“With all this in mind, and having listened carefully to the feedback and representations made, further modelling work has been done and we propose to keep the one-hour parking band at York Road and Tylers Avenue all year round and during the winter tariff season at Seaway with no price increase on that (£1.10 for one hour). The detail of this modification will be presented and discussed at Budget Cabinet on 13 February, where all the council’s final draft budgets will be presented ahead of the final budget setting at Full Council on 22 February.

“This modification would provide more one-hour parking options in the central High Street area, to go alongside what would still available at Short Street, Civic Centre and the Beecroft, and at all on-street bays across the Borough.

“Charging periods for private car parks would also not be affected. Free seafront parking after 6pm would continue, district car parks would remain free on Sundays and the Council would continue to look into ways to improve and increase parking in key areas of the borough.”

The proposed modification was discussed at last night’s Place Scrutiny Committee (Monday 29 January).

The Council will consider all budget proposals at the following meetings:

  •        13 February - Cabinet meeting to consider final budget
  •        22 February - Full Council meeting (to set budget and council tax)