SALT exhibition adds flavour to Southend-on-Sea

Published Monday, 5th February 2018

Text Salt of Southend surrounded by Salt

Following its success at the Beecroft Gallery, the well-received SALT exhibition is returning, featuring fantastic photographs of Southend-on-Sea and its residents.

In an exhibition running throughout February, the photographs will season The Royals shopping centre, before being sprinkled over the walls of the Pier’s Pavilion in the summer.

The exhibition features stunning photographs of Southend-on-Sea, which were taken when creating the limited edition book of the same name, dubbed a modern love story written to the town.

The book, SALT, celebrates Southend-on-Sea not only as a hub of creativity and enterprise, but also as a living breathing, sentient character full of rugged individualism and potential. It profiles individuals, families and groups who live and work in Southend-on Sea and gives a flavour of the spirit of our town and its people.

Extract from SALT:

“SALT is all around you: it’s in the air we breathe, the water we play in and it’s also sprinkled on the best fish and chips in the country, served right here in Southend-on-Sea!

“Salt adds flavour – it seasons, transforming something good into something better. It enhances, it improves and that is exactly what the people showcased in this book do. Every day they get up and in their own way they make this town a better place.

There are hundreds more people in this town who also do this in their everyday lives but we were unable to feature them all, so this is just a selection of the “Salt” of Southend, who have shared with us the sometimes hidden, but nonetheless fantastic world of Southend-on-Sea.”

Cllr Ann Holland Executive Councillor for Culture, Tourism and The Economy said: “I am delighted that we are able to showcase the wonderful photographs of our town in this way. There was a clear appetite for the SALT exhibition as it made its debut at the Beecroft Gallery, and I am pleased we are able to view these stunning photographs again in 2018, a pinch of which are shown in the exhibition, with many more sprinkled across the pages of the book.”

If you would like us to pass you a copy of, SALT, then head to the Pier shop, the Beecroft or the Forum, where it is on sale for £20. The exhibition will run at The Royals shopping centre throughout February.