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Pupils fly high with airport visits

Published Thursday, 8th February 2018

Pupils at Check in desks at Southend Airport

Year 4 pupils from Eastwood Primary School and Nursery ‘took to the skies’ with a thrilling behind the scenes trip to London Southend Airport.

Children visited recently for two hours and over two days and thanks to the hospitality of the airport and staff were lucky enough to meet and receive presentations from airline pilots, cabin crew and air traffic control officers.

The children made their own passports in school and were able to check in at the check in desk, and also visit the air traffic control tower for spectacular views across the airport, Rochford and Southend-on-Sea.

Mrs Peterson, a Year 4 teacher at the school said: “Our children are studying trade and transport, and so we were all very lucky to be able to visit the country's number one airport and meet the people who make it work.

“Now the children have had this ‘behind the scenes’ tour, many of them have been inspired to take up a career in travel or work at the airport when they are older.

“I would really like to thanks the airport for putting on this visit and to all the airport staff for being so helpful and making the visit very special.”

Glyn Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Stobart Aviation, says: “We were delighted to open our doors to local Year 4 pupils and it was great to see them enjoy the day so much and perhaps inspire a few of them to pursue a career in our sector.”