Local councillors unite in call for more local police resources

Published Tuesday, 24th April 2018


At Full Council last week (Thursday 19 April), all councillors united to agree a motion calling for more police resourcing in Southend-on-Sea.

The all-council motion reads as follows:

“Following a recent period of three violent attacks in four days involving knives, which is a theme borne out by the publication of statistics proving Southend-on-Sea has the highest crime rates in the county of Essex, this Council believes that the level of crime in Southend-on-Sea is damaging community safety and community relations throughout the town, and specifically harming the confidence of local business and the Southend Business Improvement District (BID).

“The Council recognises and welcomes the recent increases in the police precept but feels that the allocation of 12 uniformed officers in the Southend Local Policing Teams is inadequate, after subtraction of rest days, holidays, and sickness leave, this will amount to only four additional officers on the front line.

“As a matter of urgency this Council calls upon the offices of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex (PFCC), the Chief Constable and the Home Secretary to authorise the allocation of additional resources for more uniformed front-line officers in Southend-on-Sea, including the re-establishment of the town centre beat team recently removed under Government cuts, to police the demands of the towns seven million visitors a year, over and above the normal population of the town.”

The next step will see the council write to the PFCC, Chief Constable and Home Secretary.