Better Queensway consultation findings published

Published Thursday, 7th June 2018


Findings from the Better Queensway consultation, where members of the local community were invited to have their say on proposals for regenerating the Queensway area have been published.

The Council is developing proposals to create a new residential-led development made up of high quality housing, commercial space, improved public areas and a new road network. The scheme will transform the site into a lively community of around 1,300 homes, including affordable housing, and making life better for both existing and new residents.

The public consultation took place between 8 November and 15 December 2017. A resident preview event and two public events were held, with over 300 people attending and 120 people in total providing formal feedback.

Cllr James Courtenay, cabinet member for growth says: “Better Queensway is the biggest, most ambitious regeneration project in the area and the consultation demonstrated broad support for the principle of development on the site. We would like to thank everyone who attended our public events and provided feedback as part of the consultation.

“Many of the points raised during the consultation have been incorporated into the objectives for selecting a development partner, meaning they will be part of the selection criteria. We have started this process and a shortlist of potential development partners will be announced in due course.”

Some of the key issues raised during the consultation and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s response is in the table below. The full report on the consultation and a summary leaflet can be downloaded at:

You said We Did
There was general support for new housing, particularly affordable housing provided it is genuinely affordable, and for a mix of homes for families and single people. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council would like the minimum number of housing units for the development to be more than the 441 units.
Consultation responses demonstrated there is significant support for high quality public space, which is safe, secure and well maintained. A requirement of a development partner is to ensure the space is well designed, fosters a sense of community spirit and gives a new lease of life to the area.
Respondents recognised the opportunities that the development could bring in terms of skills and jobs, but including commercial space within the development was not as high a priority as other elements of the scheme.

The Council will also ensure commercial space is not a dominant feature of the development and will seek to complement the high street rather than compete with it.

Integration with the existing community and increasing safety in the area was a key theme in the consultation responses. People recognised the opportunities the development could bring for achieving this. This supports the wider aspiration for the development – that Better Queensway should be a safe, vibrant, sustainable community that impacts positively on the economic and social wellbeing of the whole area.

The transport aspect of the Better Queensway scheme raised concern amongst the community, particularly the implications of the changes to the wider road network and the general impact on the town.

After considering the feedback Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has agreed that the subsequent design for the transport scheme will be carried out with future development partnerto ensure the road scheme and housing development fit together in the best possible way. Full responses to matters raised can be found in the consultation report.