It all starts here

An important conversation has been happening right across Southend-on-Sea since the summer of 2018. 

Called ‘Southend 2050’, it’s been an opportunity to explore what kind of place we all want Southend-on-Sea to become and to understand what we all need to do to create it.

The year 2050 can seem like a long way off when you’re working hard to meet the challenges of today. But being clearer about our long term aspirations can help us think about what we can achieve in the here and now.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the conversation so far. Thousands of people have participated across the borough, through numerous events, workshops, forums and surveys.

You can find out more about what people said in our short presentation

The feedback from Southend 2050 has shown some clear messages about the kind of borough that we all want and this has been used to develop a long term Ambition for Southend-on-Sea, which is accompanied by a shorter term Five Year 'Roadmap' and Outcomes.

The Southend 2050 Ambition document is available here

A summary version of the ambition is available here



Ongoing conversation

What part will you play in the ongoing conversation?

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