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Free Swimming For Over 65's

Over 65’s free swimming

Free swimming in Southend is set to continue for residents aged 65 and above.

Wet Wednesdays, a popular free swimming scheme set up in 2010, will come to an end on Wednesday 26 September.

The Council is delighted to announce that free swimming sessions will be available for residents aged 65 and above, from Monday 1 October through to 31 March 2019. Users can swim any day of the week during public swim sessions, using the new swipe cards at the following leisure centres:

  •          Belfairs Swim Centre – 01702 712155
  •          Shoeburyness Leisure Centre – 01702 293558
  •          Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre – 01702 613000

Swipe cards enable four free swims at the centres listed above, and can be picked up from the centre’s reception. To be given a swipe card, general information will be asked, such as name, age, address, followed by a physical activity question.


Why the change from Wet Wednesdays to 4 free swims?

Up until now, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council have been in a position to fund every free swim as part of Wet Wednesdays.  Unfortunately, this level of funding is no longer available; but rather than stop free swimming altogether, the decision has been made to offer 4 free swims per person.  In addition, the free swipe card is part of a new promotion to get more people active, understand their activity levels and to encourage residents to exercise regularly.


How is this new initiative being promoted?

Newspaper articles, Fusion and Council websites, posters, social media, staff at the centres letting people know, working with relevant partner organisations.


Why do you need details about me?

This is part of the monitoring to demonstrate the impact the scheme is having and who is benefiting.  Your personal details will not be shared. 


Can I be issued with my a swipe card before Monday 1st October 2018?

No.  Swipe cards will only be issued on or after 1st October 2018.


Can I use my swipe card at more than one centre?

Yes.  You are welcome to access the free swims at any of the 3 swimming facilities.


Can I apply for another free swim swipe card once I have used my current allowance?

Unfortunately not.  The funding available only allows for one swipe card per person aged 65 and above.


Is there a deadline when I need to use the free swims by?

You have up to and including 31st March 2019 to benefit from the free swims.


Are there any other discounted physical activity opportunities for older residents?

Yes there is. There is also the Choice Concession Membership available at £26.25 per month. For more information on activities and discounted membership opportunities for residents aged 60+, please telephone the leisure centres directly.