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We have funded the following six projects to provide volunteering and social action opportunities in Southend.

Cake Club: Parenting support groups (£51,430)

Cake Club is a grass-roots community-led charity. It works to support parents in the Southend area.

We run in-person support and playgroups in venues across the city, with something on offer almost every day of the week.

Our focus is on providing evidence-based support to families:

  • during pregnancy
  • throughout their parenting journey

There is an emphasis on:

  • responsive parenting
  • a focus on infant feeding
  • perinatal wellbeing

Peer support is at the heart of what we do, encouraging parents to support one another and developing our growing team of volunteers. This helps to provide increased levels of skilled support in various aspects of parenting. Some parents may come to our groups to socialise and enjoy a coffee, and a sit down while their child plays. Others may need more specific and in-depth support.

Everyone is welcome.

For more information visit the Cake Club website.

Garon Park: In2Volunteering at Garon Park (£59,704)

Garon Park are offering volunteering opportunities in four areas:

  • horticulture and conservation
  • site maintenance and general activities
  • sports and wellbeing
  • sports, woodworking and construction

To find out more visit the One Southend website.

Home-Start Essex: Building stronger futures in Southend (£43,851)

Volunteers in this project will be provided with training. This training will be appropriate to their role and will be issued by local staff.

Volunteering opportunities will be available in a variety of different roles:

  • volunteer parent mentor
  • placemaker
  • event chaperone
  • community link volunteer
  • community ambassador

Volunteers will be helping to improve the lives of Southend families, helping their young children to flourish.

For more information on the project please visit the Home-Start website.

Indirock: Springboard into work with volunteering (£15,504)

Indirock is a family-run bouldering wall and popular coffee shop in the heart of Southend.

Our indoor climbing walls can be used by all ages. Pre-schoolers enjoy our soft play sessions twice a week. Anyone aged 6 and above can enjoy our walls any time.

This project will provide volunteering opportunities to three different groups:

  • young people with neurodivergence and special educational needs
  • young people and adults on probation from prison
  • low-income families within Southend

They will be able to volunteer either at the Indirock climbing wall or café. Indirock aim for volunteers to develop skills to access paid employment.

For more information visit the Indirock website.

Southend museums: active volunteering with heritage (£34,646)

This project will be delivered across Southend Museum’s cultural buildings.

It aims to support a wide range of people from our local community by:

  • unlocking newly created volunteering opportunities
  • supporting an increased number of community focused events

For more information visit the Southend Museums website.

Southend YMCA: Y’s mentoring project (£59,130)

The Y's mentoring project will match 40 trained volunteer mentors with young people aged 9-16 years old. The volunteers will help to support them to:

  • improve their well-being
  • build confidence
  • increase their self-esteem

Over a 12-month period, the mentors and young people meet regularly and work together to identify achievable goals. These goals that will empower the young person to build their resilience. This will help them to lead fulfilling lives.

Southend YMCA will use the UKSPF funding:

  • to continue delivering Y’s Girls
  • to expand our mentoring offer to provide additional mentoring spaces for boys through the Y’s Mentoring programme

For more information visit the SYMCA website.

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