Types of Permit

Types of Resident Parking Permits that are available

Parking permits are only valid for the parking zone or permit parking places for which they have been issued and would not be eligible for use elsewhere within the Borough. 

All vehicles parked in a parking zone or permit parking place or area during the hours of operation must display a valid permit for that zone, place or area.

NHS and care workers permit

It is vital we continue to offer priority parking to those healthcare workers and carers who are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and are keeping the public safe. NHS staff and registered care workers will receive free parking while carrying out their work, until 31st March 2021.

Applicants must be members of the NHS staff helping with the COVID-19 crisis in Southend-on-Sea or a registered care worker. The permit is valid until 31st March 2021.

Please note that you will receive confirmation by email that your application has been agreed. You will not receive a permit to display in your vehicle but your registration number will be stored in our system and our patrols will be aware you are permitted to park.

Where can you Park?

NHS Parking and care worker permit holders are permitted to park in Southend-on-Sea or on:

  • Pay to Park bays on street (e.g. pay and display bays)
  • Council-operated car parks
  • short stay car parks
  • resident permit bays

Where you are not permitted to park?

Permit holders are not permitted to park in Southend-on-Sea, in or on:

  • loading bays
  • footway (including the pavement)
  • single or double yellow lines
  • bus stops
  • zig-zag markings
  • disabled persons parking bays

You will need to provide a copy of your work ID as well as your employer’s details, please apply online.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of use as you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice if you fail to park in accordance with the requirements.

Residents Permit

Vehicles eligible for a resident parking permit must be registered to a resident at an address within the parking zone or area, for which the permit is applied for. Proof of resident’s particulars will need to be provided on application.

Residents having company vehicles and lease vehicles will require proof from their company/agent supporting the requirement for the vehicle to be parked at their address.

Visitors Permit

During the permit parking places hours of operation, visitor’s vehicles displaying a valid visitors parking permit will be authorised to park in designated resident parking bays or within the parking permit area.

All residents within a permit parking zone or area are eligible to receive visitor permits even if they do not buy a residents permit.

Visitors Permits are in books of 20 vouchers and residents of scheme areas can apply for up to 5 books per year, per household.

Business Permit

Business permits are available to any person whether having a business within or living outside the permit zone area, will be eligible to purchase a business parking permit. Details of the applicant’s vehicle’s V5C (log book), insurance and proof of employment will be required.

Businesses with addresses in the permit zone area can also apply for a permit to allow their business vehicles temporary parking in a designated business bay, whilst visiting the respective business. These will be available on written application only. During the permit zone hours of operation, business vehicles displaying a valid business parking permit will be authorised to park in designated ‘Business Permit Holders Only’ parking places.

Carers Permit

A carer’s permit can be issued to a property (address) within a zone or area, but it must meet the following criteria.

The applicant must provide a letter from their doctor or care company, on their headed paper, stating that the applicant must receive either 24 hour care or continuous/daily care at their address due to their condition (the type of condition or disability need not be disclosed).

The letter replaces the need to provide a vehicle V5C (logbook) and insurance documents. The applicant must also send proof of residency, e.g. a utility or Council Tax bill etc, showing their name and address.

A carer’s permit is not registered to a particular vehicle and may be used by different carers visiting the property concerned. Only one carer’s permit can be issued to a property (address) and any property having a carer’s permit can also apply for residents or visitors permits.

Where multi-occupancy care homes are involved additional permits could be made available if considered appropriate by the Council.

Hotel & Guest House Visitor Permit

Any Hotel or Guest House occupying premises within the area may apply to the Council where there is sufficient on street space for the issue of Hotel Visitor Permits.

The charge for each Hotel Visitor Permit shall be £5.00 daily.

Any registered hotel or guest house shall be entitled to a maximum daily number of visitor’s guest permits equating to the number of guest rooms available minus the number of parking spaces provided off street by the Hotel and the number of annual Resident Permits held by the owner.

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