Short Breaks for Disabled Children & Young People

Children’s Short Breaks Main Grant Application Guidance Notes 2021 - 2022

Before you start please read the application notes carefully

Contact Details (Questions 1-2)

Provide contact details for the applying organisation.This needs to be the name of organisation and the applicant who is responsible for administering any grant awarded.

Organisational Information

Question 3 Organisation details

Provide details of your organisation or if you are an individual

Question 4 Information about your organisation

Provide information about the larger organisation, if applicable

Question 5 What are the stated aims and objectives of your organisation?

Provide aims and objectives of the organisation, taken from the governance documents

Project, Service, Activity Information

Question 6 What is the title of your project, service or activity?

Please give the title of the project or service eg. Happy Schools Holiday Play scheme

Question 7 Please give a short summary of your project,service or activity?

Please give a short description of the specific activities included in your service, project or activity and how the requested funding will be used.Please include how the need was identified eg. from consultation with children; requests from families etc.

What activities will you be doing with the young people attending, how many will be expected to attend?If the activity is for both disabled and non-disabled children, please only specify the number of disabled children and young people that will benefit from the activity

Question 8 Please describe the intended outcomes and how then qualifying children, their families and or carers will benefit?

Use this box to supply an overall summary of your service/project/activities outcomes.Also giving information how these outcomes will benefit all qualifying children/families and/or carers.

Question 9 How will you involve participants in the development of your project, service or activity?

Please tell us how you will involve and seek feedback from both children/young people with disabilities and their parents/carers

Question 10

Date: Please give planned start and finish dates when the activity will run.

Venue: Where the activity will take place.

Frequency: Please ensure that you state the duration of each session and the total number of sessions.

Expected number: Please give the expected number of disabled children that will benefit if the activity is for both disabled and non-disabled children.

Financial Information

Question 11 Financial reserves

Please complete the questions about free reserves

Question 12 Proposal

Please answer the questions regarding the type of proposal you are suggesting

Question 13 Please give details of how much you will be asking participants to pay to attend each project service activity?

Please give information about the cost per child, if possible.

Question 14 Please complete the budget table

When detailing the costs for your project/service/activity use a separate row on the form for the information (add rows as necessary)

  • Staff/volunteer costs eg. support worker, sports coach, tutors.  Please detail the staff ratios that will enable children with higher support needs to participate eg Support worker: 3 staff per 4 hour session x £10 per hour= £120; x 10 sessions per term = £1200
  • Resource costs please detail actual activity, resources or equipment needed eg. laminated symbols for 10 children £15
  • Training costs – making sure you make use of free training and eLearning
  • Other costs (for example marketing, venue hire)  –  please identify any estimated costs for supporting families who may have difficulty affording the usual charge/contribution eg. 6 families in hardship get a £5 discount each; 6 x £5 x 10 sessions =£300
  • The total amount expenditure; income, shortfall will be calculated from the information that you have provided.  Please put in the final box the amount of money you are requesting from Southend Borough Council for this application. 

Question 15   Is your project, service or activity sustainable?

Please give information about how long your project/service/activity will continue to run after the funding stops

Question 16  What will happen to the project/service/activity when the grant is spent?

Please give information about the future of your project/service/activity after the funding stops.

Question 17 What would happen if your application was only partially awarded or unsuccessful?

Please give information about your project/service/activity if your application is only partially awarded

Previous Funding Application

Question 18 Have you applied to Southend d Borough Council for a grant for this project or any other grant within the last 5 years?

Please give details of any previous applications: which organisation was applied to, what the grant was for and the amount

Present Funding Application (Questions 19-20)

Question 19 Please tick if you are making several applications for the same project, service or activity.

Question 20 Please list any other source of funding being sought or that have been secured, in the last 5 years for the period of the application or project, service or activity

Please name any other funding sources and if you have applied and had grant confirmed showing the amount or if you have just applied to the funding source.

Document Information (Question 21)

Please show the policy documents that you have and give the amount of cover for the Public and Employers liability insurance.

Equality and Diversity (Question 22)

Please answer all three parts as best you can.  You can answer in bullet points eg.

  • Through training
  • Information sessions
  • Staff guidance etc.
  • We have an open and transparent recruitment policy
  • The organisation’s culture fully embraces diversity
  • This project will advance equality of opportunity for everyone because ……..

Please also outline how the aims of your project will contribute towards a, b, c and d.

Monitoring Information

To be agreed with provider/service depending on activity.

Please make sure you have told us:

  • What the activity is
  • Where it is taking place
  • How the need has been identified
  • When it will take place
  • Who will attend
  • The cost per child
  • The sustainability of the activity/service/project
  • The level of public/employer’s liability insurance held by your organisation

All applications must be signed appropriately.

Contact Children and Families

Telephone: 01702 215000

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