Calculation for the percentage increase for the 2020/21 Council Tax

Local Government still faces huge challenges in terms of uncertainty over future funding levels and continuing increases in demand and local expectations - Southend-on-Sea is no exception but the Council is determined to do everything it can to plan effectively for the future and invest in priorities that make a real positive difference to local residents, businesses and visitors.

We continue to work to make lives better for local people and we are trying to support improvements in the health and economic wellbeing of everyone. Southend 2050 is the Boroughs ambition for the future. It was developed following extensive conversations with those that live, work, visit, do business and study in Southend-on-Sea and by delivering that ambition we will build a sustainable financial future together.

Our financial plans for 2020-21 are aimed at delivering these key priorities and to provide the best possible value for money services to our local residents, businesses and visitors.

This means that will be investment in the key areas that local people have said are important to them with the largest proportion of your council tax going towards looking after vulnerable adults, children and families. There will also be more investment into areas such as community safety, fixing more roads and pavements, providing more street lighting and improving zebra crossings. Housing is also a top priority with investment into creating more affordable housing, along with more school places, enhancing our local library offer, as well as improving our environment by planting more trees, tackling climate change and maintaining our seafront and iconic Southend Pier.

We will also create local opportunity and prosperity through major projects such as the Airport Business Park Southend and Better Queensway which is the largest housing and regeneration project the council has undertaken since the 1960s.

To support the delivery of these plans, the Council Tax for Southend-on-Sea has been increased by 3.99% which includes 1.99% for general use and 2.0% to support Adult Social; Care. In addition, there are increases added from Essex Police, Essex Fire and Rescue Service and Leigh Town Council (where applicable). Overall your Council Tax level still remains as one of the lowest in the country.

Government statement concerning adult social care funding

The Secretary of State for the Housing Communities and Local Government has made an offer to adult social care authorities (Adult social care authorities are local authorities which have functions under Part 1 of the Care Act 2014, namely county councils, London borough councils, the Common Council of the City of London and the Council of the Isles of Sicily).

The offer for the financial year 2020-21 is the option of an adult social care authority being able to increase their council tax by a further 2% on top of the core principle, without holding a referendum, to assist the authority in meeting expenditure on adult social care.

Calculation for the percentage increase for the 2020-21 Council Tax

The council has increased the Council Tax charge for 2020-21 by 3.99%.

This is an increase of 1.99% on the standard Council charge and a 2.0% increase on the Adult Social Care (ASC) Precept charge which is used to help fund the rising cost of social care services for older and disabled adults.

How we calculate the increases

The standard Council charge and the ASC Precept make up the ‘Total Council Charge’. It is the overall charge that is used to work out both increases for 2020-21.

The Total Council Charge for 2019-20 was £1,382.22 for a Band D property.

The £1,382.22 was made up of the standard Council charge for 2019-20 of £1,284.09 plus an ASC Precept of £98.13.

Standard Council charge increase – 1.99%

Firstly, we multiply the Total Council Charge for 2019-20 by 1.99%.

£1382.22x 1.99% = £27.53

We then add that increase to the 2019-20 standard Council charge.

£1382.22 + £27.53 = £1311.62

ASC Precept charge increase – 2.0%

Firstly, we multiply the Total Council Tax Charge for 2019-20 by 2.0%

£1,382.22 x 2.0% =n £27.64

We then add that increase to the 2019-20 ASC Precept charge

£98.13 + £27.64 = £125.77

Total Council charge for 2020-21

The Total Council charge for 2020-21 is the new standard council charge (£1,311.62) plus the new ASC Precept charge (£125.77) which equals £1,437.39.

  Band A £ Band B £ Band C £ Band D £ Band E £ Band F £ Band G £ Band H £
Standard Council Charge 2019-20 856.06 998.74 1,141.41 1,284.09 1,569.44 1,854.80 2140.15 2,568.18
Adult Social Care Precept (ASC) 2019-20 65.42 76.32 87.23 98.13 119.94 141.74 163.55 196.26
Total Council Charge 2019-20 921.48 1,075.06 1,228.64 1,382.22 1,689.38 1,996.54 2,303.70 2,764.44
Increase in Standard Council for 2020-21 (2019-20) Council Charge x 1.99%) 18.34 21.39 24.46 27.53 33.63 39.73 45.85 55.02
2020-21 Standard Council Charge on Bill (2019-20 Standard Council Charge+ Calculated increase) 874.40 1,020.13 1,165.87 1,311.62 1,603.07 1,894.53 2,186.00 2,623.20
Increase in ASC for 2020-21 (2019-20) Council Charge x 2.0%) 18.44 21.52 24.58 27.64 33.80 39.96 46.10 55.32
2020-21 ASC Cgange on Bill (2019-20 ASC + Calculated increase) 83.86 97.84 111.81 125.77 153.74 181.70 209.65 251.58
Total Council Charge 2020-21 958.26 1,117.97 1,277.68 1,437.39 1,756.81 2,076.23 2,395.65 2,874.78

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