Children in Entertainment - Licence directory


If your child is taking part in a performance (e.g. a theatre production or appearing on a TV show) they will usually have to get a licence from us. This is so we can help make sure that the child's safety and wellbeing is being maintained while they are taking part.

Usually the producer in charge of the performance will apply for the licence. For the application you will need to give them 2 recent passport photos of your child and sometimes you may need to give a medical certificate from your GP confirming that the child is fit to perform. You do not need to get a licence for a child to perform in a school production as this is considered to be part of their education.

We carry out regular inspections to make sure that these regulations are being followed and that children are safe whilst performing.

Chaperones - While a child takes part in a performance they must be supervised at all times by a chaperone. A chaperone is an adult approved by us to take charge of that child during the performance. They will always have had a Criminal Records Bureau check undertaken before being licensed as a Chaperone. The council officer may also ask to carry out an inspection during a performance.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your application to be processed. Fee details are on the application form.


Apply for Chaperone Licence.

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