Gambling Licences


Under the Gambling Act 2005 there are 3 types of licences that are needed to run facilities for gambling.

  • An Operators Licence: Needed by individuals or companies that want to offer facilities for gambling. This is granted by the Gambling Commission.
  • A Personal Licence: Needed by the directors/managers (Personal Management Licence) and by those performing operational functions e.g. croupiers (Personal Functional Licence). All Personal Licences are granted by the Gambling Commission.
  • A Premises Licence: This is issued by us for all premises within the Borough and is needed for places where the gambling will take place. Licences last indefinitely and there is an annual fee

The following premises need to get a Premises Licence:

  • Casinos
  • Bingo Premises
  • Betting Premises (including tracks)
  • Adult Gaming Centres (AGC)
  • Family Entertainment Centres (FEC). We are responsible for issuing permits for:
  • gaming machines on alcohol-licensed premises
  • gaming machines for members clubs
  • unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre (Category D machines only)
  • prize gaming
  • small society lottery registrations

We also:

  • grant Temporary Use Notices (TUNs)
  • grant Occasional Use Notices (OUNs)
  • grant provisional statements (for premises not yet built)
  • keep a register of all licences, permits, notices and registrations

The Licensing Authority is responsible for:

  • the monitoring and enforcement of the authorisations they issue
  • setting fees within bands
  • the Magistrates will hear any Premises Licence appeals

When dealing with Gambling Act applications we follow their Statement of Policy and abide by the Gambling Commission Code of Practice.

More Information

To apply for a new Gambling Premises Licence you must our online form.

To apply for, renew or transfer a Gaming Machine Permit or Notification you must use our online form.

To apply for a Gambling Premises Licence Transfer or Variation you must use our online form.

To apply, renew or change an Unlicenced Family Entertainment Centre (uFEC) you must use our online form.

In order for you to be able to apply online you will need to create a MySouthend account. Our new online process makes applying for Gambling Licences quicker and easier. As part of the ongoing modernisation of our licensing service, you can now create an online account. This means that you can apply for or renew, vary or transfer an existing permit or licence and track its progress during the application process.

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