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Personal and Premises Licence

Under the Licensing Act 2003 you or the premises must be licensed if:

  • you want to sell or supply alcohol to members of the public
  • you want to offer certain regulated entertainment (e.g. performance of a play, dance or music, showing of a film, an indoor sporting event etc.) to members of the public
  • you want to offer late night refreshment to members of the public

This means supplying hot food or drink between 11pm-5am. If you want to offer regulated entertainment and/or late night refreshment you only need to apply for a premises licence.

But if you want to sell or supply alcohol you will a premises and personal licence.

This Act will cover premises such as:

  • pubs and nightclubs
  • off-licences
  • restaurants that serve alcohol
  • hot food takeaways that are open after 11pm
  • hotels and guest houses that sell alcohol
  • private members clubs
  • theatres and amateur dramatics productions
  • cinemas

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