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Highway Permits - Highways - Place a Crane/Cherry Picker on the Public Highway

Record Details

Type of enquiry:

To obtain permission to place a crane/cherry picker on the Public Highway (Footpath/Carriageway) 

Information Required:

If you wish to place a crane or cherry picker on public land you must have first gained approval from Southend Councils Traffic and highway department.   

Please click the link below to apply and return the following documents requested on the application:

Application for a Highway Permit/Licence

Please use the link above if paying by debit or credit card.  Do not use this link if making payment by cheque, instead email Highway Permits to request an alternative application form.

An additional application may be required to obtain permission for vehicle access onto pedestrian area of Southend High Street, or for a full road closure/traffic diversion. Please follow links for more information  - Vehicle access to the High Street and Full road closure/traffic diversion.


Contact Details:

If you have any queries completing the application please contact [email protected].

If an additional application is required please return to the main menu page.