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Type of Enquiry:

If you wish to use an area of public land you must first gain approval from Southend Councils Traffic and Highway Department. Some examples of the type of works that require a temporary disturbance permit are:

· Place a large container on the highway

· Construct a temporary drop kerb across the footpath to allow access for commercial

·  vehicles onto a development / demolition site.

· Placing building materials/equipment on the highway.

Information required: 

To request permission please complete the application using the link below and submit the following documents

Application for Highways Permit / Licences

An additional application is required to obtain permission for vehicle access onto the pedestrian area of Southend High Street, follow the link here for more information







Contact Details:  

If you have any queries or problems completing the application please contact Highwaypermits@southend.gov.uk.

If an additional application is required please return to the main menu page.