Memorial Urns - Bios Urn

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photo of a Bios urn

The Bios urn is a funeral urn built from biodegradable materials, cellulose and natural fibres. The Bios Urn can be buried next to an existing tree to assist its growth or planted in the ground with a sapling to nurture the growth of a new tree. The Bios Urn can also be placed in a planter so that it is mobile, therefore able to move and grow with the family. Bios Urn turns death into a transformation of returning to life through nature. The funeral director or our crematorium staff can inter your loved ones ashes.

Price including VAT £85 (urn only) £100 including tree sapling (6 to choose from - Alder, Hawthorn, English Oak, Hazel, Silver Birch, Willow)

Diameter approx. 14cm Height approx. 30cm Overall capacity 3 Ltr including ashes, soil, fertiliser and sapling roots

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