Memorial Urns - Limbo Samsara Biodegradable Adult Urn (also available in infant size)

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Photo of Limbo Samsara Biodegradable Adult Urn

Samsara biodegradable urn handcrafted from sand, a small amount of sea salt and bound together by plant extracts. It is specially designed to restore ashes to nature. This urn is 100% water soluble and can be used to lay to rest in freshwater. The dissolution time takes 1 hr when placed in the water.

The funeral director or our crematorium staff can inter your loved ones ashes.

Price including VAT £130 (adult size) £80 (infant size)

Adult - Diameter approx. 22 cm Capacity approx. 3Ltr

Infant - Diameter approx. 15cm cm, Capacity approx. 0.75ltr

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