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The Nottrowe Drift – A Touring Exhibition from Leasingstede

13th April 2019 - 31st May 2019 - Every day
The event will be held in Beecroft Gallery, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6EX, and is Free Entry to attend.

Ever tried handling a Leaf Rustler or attacking some weeds with a Nettle Prod?

These unusual tools are among all sorts of improbable artefacts from Leasingstede Museum which are coming to the Beecroft Gallery, Southend, in an exhibition opening on April 13th.

The show, The Nottrowe Drift, takes its name from a previously unknown current that swirls around the iron piles of Southend pier. Bizarrely, the only record of this natural phenomenon is kept in Leasingstede’s archives and this documentation will be on display amongst other items of local interest, relating to eel fishing and the Canvey Lady.

An ongoing artwork created by artist Jane Williams, Leasingstede Museum is an idiosyncratic folk museum from an imaginary village in the West Country. Based in a couple of outbuildings, the museum houses an important collection, the Nottrowe Bequest, with treasures and curiosities dating from prehistory to the present day.

Besides obscure rural implements, there are fossils, a pair of springy pattens, a Roman shield, weapons, votive items and a particularly heavy coin hoard, all under the vague supervision of two curators.

Jane Williams says “All is not what it seems, and Essex residents who know a thing or two about their county’s history are in for a few surprises. The stories behind the Leasingstede artefacts offer a view of the past quite at odds with accepted interpretations, but what you lose in accuracy you gain in entertainment.”

For more information about this and other exhibitions please visit the Southend Museums website.