Care Home Exemption (Class E)

The Council has a duty to maintain accurate Council Tax records and as such, is undertaking a review of all properties currently in receipt of this exemption.

An unoccupied dwelling is exempt indefinitely if it was previously the sole or main residence of an owner, tenant or licensee who now resides in permanent care and has no intention to return to the property. 

As part of this review, you must tell the Council if the property is occupied or not and still owned by the care home resident. If you have received a letter from the Council within the last 14 days concerning the Care Home exemption, please complete the online Care Home Exemption review form using our MySouthend online form. 

Alternatively, click the following link which will take you to an online form; you can fill out the form yourself and send to us at The link for the form is

If you are unable to respond online, please complete and return a copy of the form which was enclosed with the letter and return it to the Council within the next 21 days, or

Finally, if we do not receive your response within 21 days, the Care Home exemption will be ended with effect of 1 March 2023 and the full charge will become due and payable from this date.

Please be aware that providing inaccurate or false information may lead to a penalty of £70.00, under Schedule 3 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. Repeat offences may lead to a penalty of £280.00.

Contact Council Tax

Telephone: 01702 215001

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