Coronavirus information and guidance

New National Restrictions

New national restrictions come into force on Thursday 5 November.

We are all instructed to stay at home wherever possible, and only leave for specific reasons. These include:

  • for work, if your workplace is open and you cannot work from home,
  • for education
  • for exercise, with members of your household, or on your own with max one person from another household
  • to shop for essentials
  • to escape harm, including domestic abuse
  • to attend a medical appointment

Visit GOV.UK for the full list of restrictions.

We are urging local people to redouble their efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and help keep local rates down.

Read our response to the national restrictions

View current local and national coronavirus data

Please continue to observe guidance on washing your hands, wearing a facemask and social distancing.

Essex Police's current and pragmatic approach to keeping people safe is unchanged, and remains: engage, explain, encourage and if necessary enforce the coronavirus legislation.

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