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As the majority of students have been out of full time education since March 2020, school staff are looking forward to welcoming them all back into the classroom in September.

The priority for every single nursery, school and college is the safety and wellbeing of all students, staff and the wider community.

To make sure students can return to the classroom safely following the Coronavirus pandemic, each school has carried out detailed risk assessments and will have made changes to the way their daily timetable is run.

Some students in nursery, reception, year 1, 6, 10 and 12, were able to continue attending lessons on a part time basis and will be familiar with some of these changes. However with the extra numbers of people on each site, there will be new measures introduced so it will be new experience for everyone.

What can you expect?

Each school will have carried out detailed risk assessments and put in place a plan specific to their site and circumstances.

But there are some changes that will be universal across all sites. These are:

  • clean hands - students will have to wash their hands regularly with soap and use hand sanitizer when required
  • clean environment - each setting will have made arrangements for cleaning measures to take place, in line with Government guidance
  • bubbles - you will have heard this term in the national news. Bubbles are a group of people who are allowed to interact with each other. Every student will be part of a bubble, however the size of the bubble will be decided by the nursery, school or college. Some students will be in class size bubbles (30 children) some will be in year group bubbles (200+ children)
  • social distancing - students will be encouraged and advised to social distance from one another. This will be controlled by the creation of bubbles, but it is unrealistic to expect 2 metre social distancing to take place at all times. For example, children might have to pass one another in the halls and corridors of the school. While such circumstances will be managed as well as they can be and avoided wherever possible, there may be occasions when it is unavoidable
  • test and trace - with Test and Trace now in place nationally, if you, your child or anyone else in your family displays symptoms of Coronavirus (persistent cough, temperature, loss of smell and taste) then you should isolate and get tested immediately. If the test is positive, then you will need to alert the nursery, school and college. They can then get appropriate advice from Public Health England
  • shared items - the sharing of items such as books, computer equipment and other resources, will be prevented wherever possible
  • changes to drop-off and pick-up - parents might not be allowed on site to drop-off or pick-up their child

If a school staff member develops Coronavirus symptoms and tests positive, the bubble within which they have been working will be required to isolate for 14 days.

Remote learning will continue for those students isolating and schools are prepared with back-up teaching plans.

I don’t want to send my child back to school, or they have told me they do not want to go back.

While we know parents have done a fantastic job homeschooling, we need our future generations to be with their peers and teachers, to catch up on lost learning and resume learning a broad and balanced curriculum in all subjects.

This is especially important for those going into reception and year 7, as well as year 11 and year 13, as exams will take place in 2021.

Your school should work with you to secure full attendance from September 2020.

More questions?

If you haven’t already heard from the education setting about plans for September, they will be in touch. You can also visit the individual school website.

If you want to find out more about the Government’s guidance to schools, you can find it on GOV.UK.

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