Coronavirus information and guidance

Scam protection and crime

The pandemic has given criminals new ways to trick people. People can be conned into giving away money or personal information

Criminals may contact people by phone, email, text message, or by visiting their homes. Criminals may impersonate trusted organisations to try to get your money.

Phishing scams continue to circulate, many now claiming to offer ‘VIP’ vaccination tickets that will allegedly put people at the head of the vaccination queue, for a price. Similar to the scams that have been seen throughout the pandemic, they will often ask you to click on a link or provide personal/banking details to pay for the ticket.

If you think a person who has been in touch may not be genuine, please get help.

Contact details:

Essex Police - Please call 101 if you or someone you know is vulnerable and a victim of fraud

Take Five to Stop Fraud - Take Five offers advice to help protect your money from fraud. This includes from email, phone scams and online fraud.

Action Fraud - Report fraud or attempted fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Crimestoppers COVID Hotline (set up by the Government and Crimestoppers)

If you need to report fraud in the public sector during COVID then please call 0800 587 5030, alternatively you can do this by going to the Crimestoppers website. All reports are anonymous.

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