SmokeFree Southend

The Environment

Southend has a great variety of environments such as the estuary, seafront, open green spaces, woodlands, parks, playgrounds and shopping centres. No matter what the environment, cigarette littering causes unhygienic and hazardous concerns for our children, pets, wildlife, estuary life and general waterways. For example, for very single cigarette butt that is dropped down a drain, it contaminates 7 litres of water! The micro plastics research done on cigarette butts shows that depending on where a cigarette butt is left it can take anything from 18 months to 10 years to decompose. There are over 30, 000 smokers in Southend and that’s not taking in to account the visitors! That’s a lot of cigarette butts!

Get involved!

Get active, keep your Southend safe and clean. There is safe, organized social litter picking events near you. If you want to join in a beach litter pick or fancy being a street champion or if you want be actively involved in projects that protect our sea life and wildlife, please see our Useful Websites section for links.

Stop Smoking Service

Telephone: 01702 212000

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