Residents Parking Permits

Parking Management Schemes (PMS), Residents Parking Schemes (RPS) and Permit Parking Schemes (PPS) are in areas used by a significant number of employees, visitors and tourists to the seafront area all competing for parking spaces along with residents and their visitors.

Parking Management Schemes, Residents Parking Schemes and Permit Parking Schemes will provide:

•  Parking for local people
•  A cleaner healthier environment  through the restricted use of vehicles within the area
• More accessible roads through a more efficient parking layout
• Removal of inconsiderate and dangerous parking
• Signs showing times of operation and the start and end of the zone

Civil Enforcement Officers will ensure that vehicles are correctly parked.

Parking fines (Penalty Charge Notices) will be issued to vehicles incorrectly parked or not showing the correct permit.

For further information about each of the various types of permit that are available and the terms and conditions see the links below.

Types of permit available

Terms and Conditions


Check if you live in a resident parking area

Enter your street name in the search by keyword box below to check whether you may need a residents parking permit. Once you enter your street name a search page will appear and show you a link to the scheme that your street is part of. If however no link is shown then your street is not part of one of our schemes.