Southend new Local Plan

What is the Southend new Local Plan?

Southend Borough Council is currently in the process of preparing a new Local Plan for the Borough. The Southend new Local Plan will set out the Council’s strategic vision, policies and site allocations, as appropriate, and will also identify areas for protection. It will provide the planning framework for Southend to 2036, beyond the current plan period of 2021.

The Southend new Local Plan will review a number of the Council’s existing planning policy documents, including the Core Strategy and Development Management Document. It will not however provide a review or update of the Joint Area Action Plan for London Southend Airport and its Environs (2014), or the Replacement Waste Local Plan (2017), which have separate review mechanisms.

Plan preparation and evidence base development

The following stages have taken place during the preparation of the Southend new Local Plan:

Call for Sites – closed May 2017

Integrated Impact Assessment (including Sustainability Appraisal): Scoping Report

There are a number of technical evidence base documents that will support the preparation of the Southend new Local Plan. The development of the evidence base to support plan preparation is on-going and new documents will be included on the Council’s website when they are published.

Southend new Local Plan – Timetable

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) in the timetable for the preparation and review of the Borough’s planning policy documents. It identifies the anticipated date for each stage of plan preparation including the expected adoption date. The LDS is a ‘living’ document and is updated on a regular basis. The latest update to the LDS can be downloaded here.  

Getting involved in the Southend new Local Plan

The Council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement sets out how the public and other interested parties may be consulted and involved in both the planning application process and key stages in the preparation of planning policy documents developed by the Council.

If you would like to be notified of future planning policy consultations you can sign up to our planning policy consultation database. Please contact providing your name and contact details and requesting to be included on the consultation database. Alternatively, you can telephone 01702 215408 quoting local plan or write to the Business Intelligence Officer, Performance & Business Support, Department for Place, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, PO Box 6, Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6ER.

Page last updated: 09/08/2018